Reservation software

Reservation software

Property Management Software

Property Management

Our property management software offers you the ease of a comprehensive reservation software solution for the hospitality industry. HiRUM's trusted and reliable Property Management software takes the hard work out of your day to day business management.

reservation booking software

reservation booking software

Online Booking Software

Onsite Booking Form

HiRUM's Online Reservations Software Booking Form is specifically designed to feed your property's availability and rates directly to your own website. We listen to what your business needs, our Online Booking Form is as good as having a receptionist on duty 24 hours a day.

Channel Manager Software

Channel Manager Software

Channel Manager Software

Channel Manager

HiSITE Channel Manager is our own fully integrated Channel Management Software and Online Booking Software, designed to update your accommodation, availability and rates across all online booking sites. Our 2 way link frees up your time by automatically capturing potential bookings, dramatically reducing the chance of overbookings.

Property Management Software & Channel Manager system

HiRUM’s Property Management Software Solution is now installed in over 1000 properties around the world, managing more than 120,000 accommodation rooms. We are committed to the hospitality and management rights industry and have developed an outstanding property management system and online reservations software system which will exceed your expectations. We understand how busy you are and our products have been designed help alleviate your administrative burden and maximise your business returns in order to free you up to focus on your guest’s experience.

Integrated, secure and affordable, our complete Property Management System and Channel Manager solution handles everything from your first contact with the guest, to trust accounting, marketing and online inventory distribution. Coupled with HiRUMs excellent customer service and client support, our PMS Software and Channel Management system has been developed to deliver an easy to use, yet extremely powerful Property Management System.

We listen to your business needs.  We understand that you need to know that your business data is safe and that business opportunities are being maximised. We appreciate that you want to spend less time on administration and more time on growing your business to be the best it can be.  We can offer you the complete solution to meet these goals.

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