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Manage, promote and maximise your property with the trusted source of tailored technology solutions to the accommodation industry

Manage your guests, and attract new customers with a responsive booking form on your website. Push rates to online travel agents such as Booking.com and Expedia

Hotel Software, Property Management Software & Channel Manager System

HiRUM’s Property Management Software Solution is now installed in over 1200 hotels and properties around the world, managing more than 120,000 accommodation rooms. HiRUM has become one of the Global Leaders in Hotel Software, helping hotel and accommodation managers with a complete hotel software solution. Our software is designed with the hotel, accommodation and management rights industry in mind.


Increase your online visibility and website traffic with HIRUM Marketing. We design modern websites, manage social media profiles and create customised email campaigns to promote your property to potential guests.

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Over 1,200 companies use HiRUM software to manage their properties

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