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HiSCAN streamlining your operations

How HiSCAN can bring efficiencies to your office

By 18/11/2016

Tired of having mountains of receipts and documents laying around your office, taking up precious real estate? Or having to… Read more »

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Scheduled HiSITE Outage on 31 August

By 29/08/2016

Dear valued clients, Please note that HiRUM will be performing security updates on Wednesday 31 August.

HiRUM Tip: Save email addresses in Front Desk

By 08/08/2016

Did you know that you can store important email addresses in HiRUM that can be easily accessed when sending emails,… Read more »

Connect HiRUM and SiteMinder: Sign up by 29 July for 3 Months FREE* Integration!

By 19/07/2016


Exclusive for Moteliers: Front Desk and Channel Manager Software from 99/mo.*

By 16/06/2016


Submit HiRUM Support Requests with Service Desk

By 09/06/2016

Our Support Team have been listening to your feedback and appreciate all of your comments.

Are you ready for End of Month? Complete a trial balance!

By 27/11/2015

END OF MONTH IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! Have you considered doing a trial balance? If you ever have trouble… Read more »

To the Fantastic Team of HiRUM Angels…

By 23/11/2015

The HiRUM Support Team were absolutely delighted to receive the below feedback from our clients Jo and Jack at Pacific… Read more »

Metasearch by HiRUM: An extension of your website booking engine!

By 19/10/2015

The latest proven way to get results from your online distribution, direct to your property. Consumers are time poor and… Read more »

HiRUM Service Desk

By 15/10/2015

As part of our HiRUM rebranding, we have implemented a new and exciting feature for our properties to log all their… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Troubleshooting When You Can’t Check-In a Guest

By 15/10/2015

If you can’t check a guest in because HiRUM says a booking is already in the unit, firstly check that… Read more »

It’s time to take control of your business on Google.

By 14/10/2015

Our team of marketing experts will ensure you receive the best possible results by driving your online business presence.


By 06/10/2015

HiRUM will be installing important security system updates to its servers. As a result there will be an outage of… Read more »

Don’t Forget to Update OTA Commission Rates in HiRUM and HiSITE!

By 23/09/2015

Please remember that whenever an OTA changes their commission rate, your HiRUM and HiSITE will need to be updated to… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Multi-Currency with HiSITE Book Direct

By 09/09/2015

Automatic Conversion for Global Appeal. Gain worldwide exposure for your property and sell your rooms in countries all around the… Read more »


By 08/09/2015

HiRUM will be installing important security system updates to its servers. As a result there will be an outage of… Read more »

HiSITE Channel Manager is HTTPS secure

By 08/09/2015

Security is a top priority for HiRUM Software Solutions. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use… Read more »

Tip of the Week: HiSITE booking has not dropped into HiRUM

By 02/09/2015

Q: I received a booking email from HiSITE Channel Manager, but it has not dropped into HiRUM Front Desk. What… Read more »

Search the HiRUM/HiSITE Knowledge Base

By 24/08/2015

The HiRUM/HiSITE Knowledge Base is a part of our new Service Desk for submitting questions and requests for assistance. Enter your… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Customising Your Booking Form

By 20/08/2015

Q: Can I change how the HISITE Book Direct booking form looks to suit our brand and current website design?… Read more »

New connection coming soon! GTA workshops coming to Queensland

By 17/08/2015

A new HiSITE channel connection is underway and coming soon! GTA would like to invite HiRUM clients to attend their local… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Clearing Owner Payments

By 13/08/2015

Did you know? When clearing your owner payments in HiRUM Front Desk if you push the asterisk * key on your… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Marketing with HiRUM Front Desk

By 06/08/2015

Q: Can HiRUM Front Desk also help to promote my property? A: Yes! Our reservation software can target niche markets… Read more »

New HiSITE Channel Connection: Hostelworld

By 23/07/2015

You can now connect your property to Hostelworld using HiSITE Channel Manager! This channel is not just for Hostels. A large… Read more »

Need some help? Here’s how to contact our Support team.

By 10/07/2015

For any new support assistance please ensure you Contact HiRUM support at As our individual Support agents are not always… Read more »

Happy EOFY! It’s time to prepare your Unit End of Year Report

By 30/06/2015

End of Financial Year is often hyped to be an unbearably busy and stressful time for business owners. Visions of people frantically… Read more »

Using Check-In? They’re now known as Jetmax!

By 30/06/2015

The agent formerly known as Check-In has recently been sold, and is now known as Jetmax. If your property is… Read more »

Remember to update your OTA commission rates in HiRUM and HiSITE

By 12/06/2015

Hooroo is the latest online travel agent to raise its commissions following Expedia’s acquisition of Wotif, while industry giant… Read more »

HiRUM How-To Videos Now Available!

By 18/05/2015

Our new HiRUM How-To Videos demonstrate each of our support help articles in action!  Watch the process and be guided… Read more »

Windows 10 is coming! Find out what it means for your Front Desk software

By 18/05/2015

Windows 10 is on the horizon and scheduled for release sometime in mid to late-2015. Microsoft will be offering a free upgrade to… Read more »

URGENT: Your Quickbeds password must be changed today

By 13/05/2015

Wednesday 13 May 2015 We understand that there has been some confusion and mixed messages around when this password change… Read more » Promotion Rooms

By 08/05/2015

A few properties have recently been caught out with overbookings from in HiSITE Channel Manager. Some cases were a… Read more »

New to Expedia? Remember to check your rates!

By 30/04/2015

With many Wotif properties now making the switch to Expedia, HiRUM Software Solutions would like to remind our clients who are… Read more »

HiRUM is enhancing your support experience

By 16/04/2015

We are proud to introduce a new and exciting way for our properties to submit support requests for HiRUM Front… Read more »

HiRUM Software

By 02/07/2012

An interesting trend is emerging which will surprise many Property Managers. Over the past two years direct to property online… Read more »

Can HiRUM Connect You with Your Guests?

By 16/05/2012

Did you know that Hirum Property Management Software allows property managers to access their database to create their own marketing… Read more »

Why more people choose HiRUM than any other product.

By 02/07/2010

…..Even better, the Hirum total solution allows you to increase your owners return by 8%, now wouldn’t that put a smile on their faces!