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Charity spotlight – helping one of our own

Posted by Rachel Pleasent - 18/11/2016
Supporting a worthy charity

Sometimes life hands us lemons, and it is up to us as a community to make lemonade – bringing a little sweetness to a bitter situation!

Recently an industry colleague and friend to many of us in the accommodation industry shared the story of their 5-year old grand-daughter who is needing costly treatment, to help her heal from Complex Trauma Disorder.

This disorder was developed after experiencing a particularly traumatic and violent upbringing. The treatment for this is unfortunately not cheap. To assist in raising the required funds, a charity fundraising page has been created. Sylvia and Philip Johnston, owners and directors of HiRUM support this cause and would like to share this story in the hope we may, as a community, be able to assist an industry member in need.

We wish this family well and hope they can raise the necessary funds to get the help she needs to heal and live a happy life.

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