HiSITE Channel Manager is a leading Hotel Channel Manager connecting your property to all the major online Booking Channels such as Expedia and Booking.com via our easy to use, automatic channel management software. These channels have a high traffic flow and many consumers have become accustomed to making bookings through these websites. Creating an account on each of these websites and listing your rooms, rates and availability is a great way to increase your visitor numbers but it can also be very time consuming. HiSITE Channel Management Software becomes your Hotel Channel Manager, doing all of the maintenance work for you automatically, updating your availability seamlessly. Thanks to full two way integration to HiRUM Front Desk your Property Management System is automatically updated and you regain valuable time.

Automatically Updates

Integration into your HiRUM Property Management Software enables automatic and instant updating of your availability so your website and third party accommodation channels mirror your real time availability.

Automate Intuitive Pricing

HiSITE IP (Intuitive Pricing) takes automation to the next level by allowing you to set rate thresholds based on availability.  When that threshold is met, HiSITE IP will automatically adjust your rates accordingly, and feed them out to your online channels via HiSITE Channel Manager.


The Property Management SystemOnline Booking Form and Channel Manager software have all been created and developed in-house by our team of researchers and developers. These combined software packages ensure security of your data and seamlessly connect the PMS System and Channel Management Software at all times.