What is Hisite Direct?

HiSite Direct is the new online booking system for the Hospitality industry which integrates seamlessly with our Channel Manager and Property Management Software. This 2-way real time booking engine means no allocations, no manual loading of availability and no manual loading of pricing.

HiSITE Direct is a fully responsive booking engine. No matter what device your prospective guest uses to book, whether it be a phone, tablet or computer, our fully responsive booking engine will automatically adjust to suit the required size for ease of use.  With the enormous influx in bookings from mobile devices that the hospitality industry has seen, HiSITE Direct provides you with the means to capture all potential bookings and provide your guests with an optimal booking experience. Remember, the better your guests experience, the greater likelihood that they will book with you again.  Ensure that you impress them from the very first interaction!

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Hisite Direct

Software, working together

The Reservation Booking Software automatically reads the information directly from HiRUM Front Desk PMS Software.  When there is a change or booking the website automatically updates availability. Bookings are immediately and automatically dropped into your HiRUM Front Desk PMS System without you needing to do anything at all – no more need to read through endless emails and manually enter guest details.

HiRUM Front Desk Property Management Software and HiSITE Direct Online Booking System work together to offer true last room availability. In today’s online environment, prospective guests expect immediate access to make bookings, and with HiSITE Direct they get it! You’ll never again have to call a prospective guest to confirm a reservation only to find they have arranged alternative accommodation with another hotel while waiting for your call.  Better for your guest, better for your business and better for you!

Embed into your website

You can now embed the booking engine into your own website, so that there is no need for your guests to move off your website whilst making a booking.

Embed booking form into your website