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Google Hotel Finder is an exciting initiative created by Google to improve the consumer’s experience by offering them a comprehensive, one-stop search experience for accommodation bookings.  In addition, it offers the opportunity to book direct with hotels, bypassing the online travel agencies (OTAs). Hotel Finder helps you to become visible in Google search results to assist in increasing your potential revenue by capturing more bookings direct to your own website.

HiRUM was invited to become one of Google’s Australian partners to provide direct-to-property booking functionality for our clients. We worked with Google to achieve this and are fortunate that due to our ongoing investment in our technology, we already had the framework of a fully integrated suite of products to connect our clients to Google Hotel Finder.


Why should your hotel be listed on Google Hotel Finder?

Hotel Finder is Google’s solution to dominate travel search. Google Hotel Finder listings are displayed above standard search results. Google “Surfers Paradise accommodation” and you will find a Hotel Finder search box at the top of the list. It is imperative that your hotel has a prominent listing with many reviews in order to stand out for local searches.


How HiRUM can help

Listing your property on Google Hotel Finder and ensuring prominence in search results is a three-step process. Unlike other providers, HiRUM is a one-stop solution. We will manage the set-up and ongoing maintenance required for all three Hotel Finder elements.

Part 1: Set-up of your Google Local Page
Google sources a property’s information from its Google Local listing, including description, photos and videos. In order to be listed on Google Hotel Finder through HiRUM you must have a Google Local page. HiRUM can set-up a new Google Local page for your property, or manage an existing page, to meet the preferred specifications.

Part 2: Connection to Google Hotel Finder
Previously, the only way to connect your property to Google Hotel Finder has been through OTAs, sacrificing valuable information about your guests and a hefty commission per booking. As one of Australia’s certified Google partners, HiRUM is capable of listing your property’s booking form directly on Hotel Finder; without the use of an OTA. By doing so, the benefits for your property include:

  • Secure a prominent position in search results! Hotel Finder typically appears on the first page of Google for relevant search terms, and continues to be displayed for up to 10 subsequent pages
  • Visitors will be sent directly to your own booking form
  • Reduced reliance on OTAs for your bookings
  • Keep your guests! Customer information will be retained at the time of booking, allowing you to control deposit and cancellation policies, and create opportunities to pre-sell tours and contact guests prior to check-in
  • Bookings made through Google Hotel Finder are generally subject to lower fees than OTAs may charge.

Part 3: Updating your content
In addition to the set-up of your Google Local listing and Hotel Finder connection, HiRUM will continue to update your property’s content. We will publish regular posts on your Google Local page to maintain an active presence on Google+ and sync your hotel inventory to Google Hotel Finder. In addition to these, we can offer an automated email to your guests upon checkout to prompt reviews on Google+ and regular analytics for your property’s performance.

This is the future of travel search. Contact HiRUM and get your property listed on Google Hotel Finder!

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