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Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 14/07/2021

With discussion evolving around more international travel bubbles opening, what are you doing now to ensure the domestic travel market continues to stay with you? Some accommodation providers are currently experiencing high occupancy, but have you thought ahead to when the domestic goldmine is diluted by international appeal? As travel options continue to progress it is important to understand what you can be doing today to ensure these high occupancy rates continue tomorrow.

The way people shop, buy and book has changed, meaning having an effective digital presence is key to ensure you stay connected with your customers.

Read on to discover our top 5 reasons why an effective digital marketing strategy will set you up for success:

Increased Presence – Your business can significantly increase audience reach. Utilising multiple digital platforms to reach a global audience. Think website, blogs, social channels, review sites to name a few to reach more potential guests.

Invaluable data – Digital marketing helps improve your property’s relationship with new and existing guests. With two-way real-time communication, digital channels allow you to become part of your guest’s conversation, in comparison to traditional media. Digital marketing gives you a clear view of metrics that matter to your stakeholders such as likes, shares, clicks, time-on-page and conversions. You can use data to target past guests to create loyalty (did you know loyal guests spend more and stay longer)? Or to convert new guests to book directly with your property to reduce hefty 3rd party commissions.

Competitive Advantage – Keep up with your competitors, and then overtake them. It’s likely that your competitors also have a presence in digital marketing. So, to stay relative & up to date, you must play in this space too. If you do not integrate digital marketing into your property’s overall marketing strategy, you will get left behind.

Trackable ROI – More cost-effective with a higher return on investment (ROI). Utilising your data, you will know where your customers are finding you and what channels should become a part of your digital strategy to invest in.

Get specific –Take advantage of Retargeting or PPC strategies to show specific ads to guests – it’s a great way to engage with potential guests who are already interested in your property. Utilise SEO as part of your long-term strategy to help you rank organically.

Wrapping your head around this ever-evolving online world of hotel marketing can be a lot! It can be confusing and adding this to your other day-to-day business operations can be overwhelming. If you’re struggling to know where to begin or just don’t have the time to start, that’s where HiRUM’s marketing services can help. From website design & build, social media management, SEO, paid ads and copyrighting, HiRUM Marketing Services look after your digital footprint and help your property reach their full digital potential so that you can focus on your customer. We are hotel people and understand what makes a difference.

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