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ABC’s The Checkout Program & Directory Scam Sites

Posted by HiRUM Marketing -18/06/2015

An important message from Gold Coast Tourism

You will probably all be aware or have been told of situations within the industry where operators have paid an invoice for a website listing that “sounds like” something affiliated with either TEQ or an RTO – it’s often been mistaken by operators to be the ATDW listing given the timing of these invoices appearing.

Last night, the ABC’s Checkout program did a 3 minute segment on a company called Church Find – which is owned by Internet Find, which is the same company that owns the sites that we’ve seen some of these invoices being sent out to operators here in Queensland (and in other states).

You can view the Check Out segment here, Episode 10. You can fast forward to the relevant segment – it kicks off at the 26 minute mark.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Gold Coast Tourism Membership team at membership@gctourism.com

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