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The Next Generation in Property Management Mobile Solutions: Vol. 3

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 22/11/2019
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Welcome to the third instalment in the four-part HiRUM Mobile Solutions blog series. Following our last blog on the Inspection App that we have developed, this article will emphasize the features and capabilities of the HiRUM Asset App, which has been designed to provide property managers with a simple and easy way to record, manage and store information regarding property assets throughout their lifespan. Like in the previous instalments, we will be following HaRRY as he discovers the various advantages of using HiRUM’s asset management mobile app and our Property Management Mobile App Solutions to complete his daily property management tasks.


Take a second and consider the way you currently keep track of the valuable information regarding your assets throughout your property. Maybe you have a detailed Excel sheet, neatly separating each asset and organising them accordingly? Or perhaps you have a notebook which you’ve spent valuable time recording and updating details about your assets? Or maybe you don’t currently have a method in place to record and manage your assets; staying true to the age-old strategy of just repairing or replacing things whenever you get word they have broken. Whatever your approach, it can be quite the tedious venture keeping tabs on the details for every single asset associated with your property. Yet it is important to keep records of some kind about your inventory and assets to avoid potential issues with guest experiences, have a grip on when particular assets are due for repair or replacement, and keep your business running smoothly.

HiRUM identified the difficulty in recording and managing each of your property’s assets, and designed a smart and simple asset management mobile app that gives you back the time lost from organising tedious asset details, and keeps all your data in one easy-to-access location. Let’s take a look at HaRRY once more and see how he has benefited from utilising the HiRUM Asset App for his businesses.


Another week has passed, and we find HaRRY tending to his daily to-dos at one of his properties. He has just downloaded the new HiRUM Asset Management App as he would like to have a more precise and organised list of his assets between his two properties.

He spent the morning adding the various assets from his two properties to the app’s database. He finds it very helpful to be able to separate each asset out by property and room type for better organisation. While inserting each asset into the app, HaRRY is able to record critical details such as General Info (including make and model of the asset, value/cost, serial number, etc), important dates (including date purchased and when the asset will expire), use and condition status, and even depreciation of value over time.

Now that HaRRY has input all of his assets into the app, he is able to select from a range of barcode types, and assign and label a barcode to each asset. He can then utilise the camera on his mobile device through the app to quickly and easily scan each barcode, showing the detailed information for every asset he has recorded. This way HaRRY will never have to cross reference his notes with each asset, thus eliminating any confusion as well as the possibility for human error.

HaRRY can also easily set up notifications and tasks for each asset. For this function, if a particular asset has an expiry date coming up for example, the app will alert HaRRY at a specified date and time about the upcoming expiry. He can also easily create tasks for each asset, such as assigning a maintenance task to his team if an asset needs replacing upon its expiry date.

There is also a useful feature which allows for HaRRY to upload various important documents for each recorded asset. This function enables property managers like HaRRY to upload documents such as product manuals, inspection reports and general files, all for the purpose of keeping everything neatly organised in one easy to access location.

Lastly, since HaRRY has input all the information regarding his assets into the app, he can now easily create and manage multiple stocktakes for his assets. Whether he would like to conduct a stocktake for all assets across multiple properties, or just based on one specific location, he has the capability to customise this function to meet his needs.


Overall, the HiRUM Asset Management Mobile App has given HaRRY a simple and easy way to better organise and manage his assets. It simplifies the process of keeping track of his assets, giving him more control, and providing him with the confidence in being able to manage every detail about each of his assets throughout their lifespan. This is what the next generation property management mobile app looks like, and what property managers like HaRRY can enjoy today – efficient, organised and effective mobile solutions for your property management needs.


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