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The 4 Best Bed And Breakfast Website Design Features

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 05/07/2019
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As a smaller accommodation owner, you may well think that you don’t need a website for your property or that you don’t have the time or resources to develop one. In fact, a simple online presence is a pre-requisite for any property nowadays regardless of size and is probably the single most influential factor in the booking decision process. What’s more, it’s far easier to achieve and less costly than you might realise. We’ll take you through the 4 best bed and breakfast website design features to include and how to get started.

Getting your property in front of enough potential customers is essential for any B&B manager particularly when the competition is so high and a website is a perfect tool to help you achieve it. Not only can you showcase the best features of your accommodation but you will build trust with potential bookers. Even better, you have the potential to attract and increase direct bookings online. But where do you start and what are the best bed and breakfast website design features to include?

The Best Bed And Breakfast Website Design Features

Integrated Booking System

Your website can be the most profitable channel for you if you have an integrated booking system built into it. It doesn’t just make things easier for potential customers to be able to check availability and book online, it can also streamline your own internal systems for managing your bookings.

Look for accommodation reservation systems that integrate seamlessly into your website and include quick and easy payment options as part of the functionality. Make sure that your ‘Check Availability’ button is prominently displayed and easy to find.

Mobile Responsive

Does your bed and breakfast website look great on mobile, tablet or desktop computer? If the answer is no, then it’s important to put this right. Most newly-built websites now take account of the fact that so much search for accommodation is now done on mobile devices. What’s more, Google has made it clear that it has adopted ‘mobile-first indexing‘. This basically means that Google first looks at the mobile version of a website to decide how it is going to rank it.

Building a mobile responsive website means that whatever device people are searching on, your website will look great.

Use High-Quality Content And Images

The content of your website is one of the most important website design features for your bed and breakfast property. Not only does it make a difference to website users but it also impacts on how Google treats you. With regards to your potential customers, first impressions count and it’s always far more appealing to see beautiful, recent professional photographs of a property than blurry, poorly-lit images taken on your phone. And well-written, easy-to-read, persuasive, informative content is far more effective in converting lookers to bookers!

Not only are high-quality images and content important for your potential customers but Google will treat you far more favourably too. The best bed and breakfast website designs are built with quality content as a priority.

Fully Editable By You

The best bed and breakfast website designs allow you to be able to take ownership of the content and update it whenever you need to. After all, you don’t want to have to incur costs by having a website developer make simple changes like adding or removing pages or changing the copy. Make sure that your website uses a well-recognised content management system that is easy to use and your website developer gives you instructions and log-in details to do this.

For more bed and breakfast marketing tips, check out our recent blog on the ways your b&b can increase its digital presence and drive more online bookings.

Not all websites are built the same, however, and we’d always recommend using website designers who are specialist in the field of bed and breakfast web design as they are most likely to know what drives conversion and ultimately help drive more direct bookings for your property.

HiRUM’s website design team have developed a superb reputation for building beautiful, high-converting, mobile responsive websites for clients in the hospitality industry. We can help you with the photography and copywriting to ensure the very best experience for your website visitors. As well as our market-leading booking engine, we can help you manage all aspects of your marketing, from your social media presence to your Google listings.

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