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What To Look For In The Best Channel Manager For AirBnb

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 07/03/2019
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Whether you’re managing apartment style vacation rentals, holiday homes, hostels or bed and breakfast accommodation, you are most likely either already using or have considered the benefits of listing your accommodation on AirBnb. However, keeping your rooms listed on the right platforms that give you great visibility with a large audience and ensuring your rates and availability are up to date can be hard work. This is where a good vacation rental channel manager can really lighten the workload. But what features should you be looking for in the best channel manager for AirBnb?

The Best Channel Manager For AirBnb Will Give You:

Real-Time Connection & Synchronisation

A real-time, two-way connection is vital to ensure accurate, up-to-date information about your room availability and price is displayed automatically on Airbnb and any other channels you choose to include in your distribution mix.

When evaluating the best channel manager for Airbnb, make sure that they offer a live connection and instant synchronisation of rates & availability, bookings, stop sells, rate plans and other content such as property and room type details, amenities and images.

Access To Other Connectivity Partners

The benefits of using a channel manager for vacation rentals aren’t just limited to being able to connect you to Airbnb and it’s massive reach both in Australia and worldwide. The best channel manager for Airbnb will also be able to help you to easily connect and manage your listings on multiple platforms including Booking.com, Expedia and TripAdvisor.

On-Boarding and Support

When looking for the best channel manager for Airbnb properties, it’s worth considering how long it will take to get your connection established and what level of support you will get from the software provider. Well established channel management companies should be able to have you up and running the same day. You also need to work with a company that is well known for excellent client support and training resources.

Free Trial and Demonstration

If you’re unfamiliar with the capabilities of a channel manager, it’s worth sourcing a supplier who’s willing to offer a free trial and free demonstration of their software. Look for a provider who is not only well-established in the industry but who works with all size and types of properties as they are most likely to understand the needs of smaller property managers.

Industry Experience and Reputation

If you’ve researched the best channel managers for AirBnb you will have no doubt been a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential providers out there. Look for a software developer and supplier who is well established in the industry and who has a great reputation for being at the forefront of software development in the property industry. These companies tend to have the best connectivity partners as well as the best understanding of what different segments in the industry need.

If you’re looking for the best channel manager for Airbnb, you cannot go past HiSITE. Not only is it cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly, it can give smaller property owners access to the world’s booking ecosystem.

HiRUM’s HiSITE Channel Manager has been at the forefront of channel management in the property industry for over 12 years. In fact, our industry-leading holiday rental management platform has been designed to not only include all of the features we have talked about here but many more. With an Australian-based customer support team that you can actually speak to when you need to, we have an outstanding reputation and extensive industry experience.

At HiRUM Software Solutions we get the challenges that smaller operators face and we’re one of the few property management software companies that cater for small business as well as large operators. Regardless of whether you manage one room or 100 properties we have a solution to suit your needs and your budget.

If you’re still not completely sold on AirBnb and need more information on why you should consider using it in your distribution mix, check out our blog on AirBnb’s commission rates and reach.

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