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Booking.com Promotion Rooms

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 08/05/2015

A few properties have recently been caught out with overbookings from Booking.com in HiSITE Channel Manager.

Some cases were a result of discounted room types (promotion rooms) that are set up on the Booking.com extranet.

HiSITE cannot map directly to the Booking.com promotion room types. What this means is HiSITE cannot adjust the rates or stop sell values for these discounted rooms on Booking.com.

This optional Booking.com feature replaces the [NO INVENTORY OUT] discount rooms that you would normally map in HiSITE, the difference being that you no longer need to create a separate room in HiSITE for each discount option to map to for bookings to drop in.

Booking.com offer a discount with these room types and the booking will still drop into HiSITE through what they call the ‘parent’ room.

Booking.com derive the discounted rate from the parent room mapping that we map to in HiSITE, as well as the allocations that are uploaded from HiSITE.

Booking.com do not derive the stop sells from the parent room, these need to be applied manually to the room type on the Booking.com extranet otherwise bookings can still be made. (This also applies to the older [NO INVENTORY OUT] room mappings).

You will be able to recognise a booking when it has been sold at a discounted rate in HiSITE when you look at the special requests section of the booking details, it will show that it is the discounted rate with the applicable percentage.

Please contact your Account Manager at Booking.com if you have any queries regarding this.


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