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The Booking.com Opportunity Centre

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 31/08/2016

A world of opportunities
is out there…

All you need to do is take them.

The Opportunity Centre helps you spot ways to get more bookings, boost your profits and perfect your guests’ experience.

What is the Opportunity Centre?

  • Smart: a one-stop shop of opportunities and suggestions to boost your business
  • Relevant to you: personalised, data-supported tips tailored to your property profile
  • Easy to use: opportunities you can put into practice within a couple of clicks

How does it work?

  1. Analyses your entire profile with Booking.com, including content, pricing and availability
  2. Creates a list of opportunities and their potential benefits to you
  3. Lets you implement the opportunities within a couple of clicks

Log in today and discover a world of opportunities!

Download the official flyer from Booking.com (636 KB)

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