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Can HiRUM Connect You with Your Guests?

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions -16/05/2012

Did you know that Hirum Property Management Software allows property managers to access their database to create their own marketing campaign? The Hirum Property Management system provides tools to allow property managers to create personalised letters or emails to past, future and present guests. So how can property managers use these tools to connect with their database to manage their own marketing?

We all know keeping customers happy and well serviced is far easier and cheaper than finding or obtaining new customers. This is an essential part of any marketing campaign; service your present customer base, keep them happy and they’ll keep coming back.

Hirums Property Management Software makes this exceptionally easy by assisting property managers to keep their past, present and future customers in touch with special offers, discounts, features and special events. Each registration card or booking form completed by a new guest allows property managers to collate an extensive database. Using this database to promote and market the Resort or Hotel is a huge advantage to operators and property managers.

Mail outs are generalised media, but personalising marketing letters and emails allows property managers to connect with their clientele at a unique level. Not only will this give clients that feeling of ‘I’m special’, they will then recommend the business to others; this type of recommendation is highly regarded and has enabled so many businesses to find success in Social Media.

Ever thought of offering a special rate to a selection of past clients who stayed last year during the month of May? Setting up the property management system to create a unique list of past clients is the first step. Creating a simple letter, flyer or newsletter can then be sent to all on this list from within the property management system via email or printed out and mailed by post. Similarly this list can be exported to use in other online mailing software.

Hirum’s clever property management system allows you, the property manager, to build a unique marketing campaign targeting clients who have used and know your property, purely from the information obtained when the guest registers. Want to connect better with your clients by building marketing campaigns?

Contact Sylvia at sylvia@hirum.com.au or phone (07) 5574 4990

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