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You can make a difference. Help get these little boys the treatment they need!

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions -26/02/2014

To all our PMS Clients and Channel Manager System clients – let’s get on board and help these two little boys get well!

These two little Gold Coast local twins have certainly suffered a lot in their short lives.  They have severe allergies and eczema.  Treatment at the Hydrotherapy Centre in Avene, France is recognised by the French Government and also in over 50 published medical studies, as having a very successful 21 day eczema and psoriasis program. Optimum results require three courses of treatments over three years. As you can imagine, this is difficult to achieve for a family already under the weight of enormous ongoing medical and treatment costs.  Let’s see what we can do to help.


ANZ Bank Account: Two Little Boys To Avene
BSB: 014-596
Account: 386 526 514

Matthew and HarryRead their full story, as told by a family friend who is overseeing fundraising efforts for their treatment:

Introducing Matthew and Harry

Where does one start with this heart-wrenching little story? How can I convey, in words, the feelings and emotions that myself and others have for two very brave little boys and their very strong mother? OK, so I go to babysit these two little boys and am shown how to use an anaphylactic pen. Those were the scariest couple of hours of my life, feeling so responsible for such precious life and knowing how sensitive these two little treasures are, to just about everything. I’ve only had to feel like this a couple of times – my friend Melanie has lived with this every day for over 4 years! I am a close family friend to Melanie, Harry and Matthew. The boys are 4 year old twins who have known little other than discomfort and pain, all their lives, due to severe allergies and eczema. Their mother, Melanie works tirelessly to give them as normal a life as she can. This is not an easy task when they are very sensitive to most environments, cannot tolerate heat/sun, cannot eat most foods, and the list goes on. On top of this, she works almost full time, in an effort to earn what she needs, to be able to afford their increasingly expensive medical needs, etc. To this end, Melanie’s mother Anne (a registered nurse) has moved in with the trio at their home in Santa Barbara on the Gold Coast, and she is a pure Godsend, as she assists with their daily care and routines. The boys also attend a small, local and very caring childcare centre, to help give them a social and educational integration, in a relatively ‘safe as possible’, situation. These are the two most talkative, lively, information-hungry darlings in the entire world. They lust for life and love to entertain everyone around them. They are firmly convinced that they are the WIGGLES! Even though they are in pain quite a lot, they just get on with it – I guess they know no different! I remember bathing them at one point and cried when I saw their skin and soreness. The piercing water and medication on such raw and inflamed skin would bring tears to the bravest of us, but these two little boys take most of it in their stride. NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS!

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

As you may have already guessed, this is a fundraising appeal, but before getting into the details, I need you to understand what Harry and Matthew’s ‘everyday’ is like. Only then can you gain an understanding of why they so deserve to have a chance to allow their little bodies to recover, and start to lead a ‘normal’ life. Melanie takes the boys regularly to see a Paediatric Allergy specialist, as they have been diagnosed with multiple allergies, to a point where they are unable to tolerate most foods, grasses, pollens and dust mites. They live off prescription formula, have an EpiPen with them at all times and require constant and high level care. I asked Melanie and Anne to describe the daily care routine involved and was informed that each day and throughout the night (every night,) the boys require constant monitoring to reduce the scratch-infection cycle as well as extensive medication (steroid ointments/oral liquid, antihistamines, antibiotics, emollient creams, antibacterial creams and the list goes on). They also require regular wound dressings and specialized eczema protective clothing. They are on an extremely restricted diet and rely on prescription formula for their daily nutrition. Their specialist is constantly amazed that these boys are not often in hospital due to the severity of their allergies/skin conditions. It is only due to the diligence of Melanie and Anne that they have managed to treat the boys at home. As you can imagine, the costs associated with their care are quite high. Melanie spends about $140 per week on eczema clothing, creams, bandages, dressings and medications. As a mother of two myself, I thought that 4 year olds must surely sleep through the night! But alas, that is not the case and in my narrow-minded assumption, in addition to waking up itchy or sore and bleeding, I had forgotten that Harry and Matthew live on liquid formula, so at night they need to go to the toilet. However, they have anti-scratch mitts and foot pieces sewn to their clothes to stop them scratching, so it is difficult for them to ‘manage’ the simple act of going to the toilet at night. It is all the ‘small little things’ that most of us take for granted, that are major components of how this family lives.

Avéne-Hope For Relief

Melanie has been trialling Avéne products recently, which although expensive, seem to be having a positive effect. She will take Harry and Matthew to the Hydrotherapy Center at Avene in France, mid next year. Avéne is recognised by the French Government and over 50 published medical studies, as having success in the 21 day treatment of eczema and psoriasis. It is a large medical facility and the only one of its type in the world. We are all very hopeful that this treatment will speed up their recovery before they start at school. Their school start has already been delayed by a year as they would not cope medically with a large school environment in the next 18 months due to their skin condition and allergies. Something Can Be Done I am seeking assistance to raise funds to provide help, aid, relief or support to the boys and their family, which will include the treatment at Avéne. Naturally, there are large costs associated with such an undertaking that Melanie is currently planning to fund via her mortgage, thereby putting herself into further debt. As a close family friend I simply cannot stand by and ‘do nothing’. I realise that times are tough and that we are all watching our dollars. I am just asking that you please donate whatever you can, no matter how small. Further, I am appealing to local businesses, big and small, to please assist by offering your financial support/sponsorship. By helping, you will really be making a massive difference to the lives of these great little kids. If you knew them and spent time with them, they would melt your hearts, and to see their daily suffering is just downright unfair. Something can be done and with your assistance, we will all help get Harry and Matthew to Avéne.  Please dig deep!

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