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data driven decision making in action with screens showing analytics charts

Data Driven Decision Making: Leveraging Your Business Data For Competitive Advantage

By 27/05/2024

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive accommodation industry, making informed decisions is not just a best practice; it’s a survival… Read more »

hotel receptionist checking in a guest

What Is The RevPAR Calculation & Why Is It Important?

By 05/07/2023

We regularly highlight the importance of making data-driven decisions for your accommodation business. Harnessing the insights from your data gives… Read more »

woman viewing room rate as she checks into hotel

What Is Average Room Rate?

By 19/04/2023

If you work in the accommodation industry you may be familiar with the term average room rate or average daily… Read more »

hands holding virtual graph of hotel data analytics

Understanding Data Analytics Used in the Accommodation Industry

By 20/07/2022

As an accommodation provider, analysing your business data and harnessing the insights it provides helps you to identify new opportunities,… Read more »