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Woman handing over room key to male guest | best PMS for small hotels | HiRUM

How To Choose The Best PMS For Small Hotels

By 06/06/2019

Whether you are managing bed and breakfast accommodation, a motel or a small property with just a handful of rooms,… Read more »

What is a data platform?

What Is a Data Platform and How Does It Work in Hospitality?

By 16/07/2018

Source: Snapshot Team, 25 June 2018 (https://blog.snapshot.travel/what-is-a-data-platform-and-how-does-it-work-for-hotels) With massive amounts of data now available to hotels, it’s safe to say… Read more »

HiRUM's Marketing capabilities

An Insider Look at HiRUM’s Powerful Marketing Capabilities

By 08/03/2018

With this month’s focus on all things marketing, we figured we’d highlight the less-publicised marketing capabilities that our very own… Read more »

Download the HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk App Today

HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk App – Have you downloaded it yet?

By 17/11/2017

The HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk PMS app is designed to give you the ability to manage your critical business information… Read more »

HiSCAN streamlining your operations

How HiSCAN can bring efficiencies to your office

By 18/11/2016

Tired of having mountains of receipts and documents laying around your office, taking up precious real estate? Or having to… Read more »

HiRUM Tip: Save email addresses in Front Desk

By 08/08/2016

Did you know that you can store important email addresses in HiRUM that can be easily accessed when sending emails,… Read more »

Connect HiRUM and SiteMinder: Sign up by 29 July for 3 Months FREE* Integration!

By 19/07/2016

FREE INTEGRATION TRIAL ENDING SOON!* Sign up by 29 July.   Seamlessly connect HiRUM Front Desk and SiteMinder HiRUM and SiteMinder have worked… Read more »

Exclusive for Moteliers: Front Desk and Channel Manager Software from 99/mo.*

By 16/06/2016


Submit HiRUM Support Requests with Service Desk

By 09/06/2016

Our Support Team have been listening to your feedback and appreciate all of your comments.

Are you ready for End of Month? Complete a trial balance!

By 27/11/2015

END OF MONTH IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! Have you considered doing a trial balance? If you ever have trouble… Read more »

To the Fantastic Team of HiRUM Angels…

By 23/11/2015

The HiRUM Support Team were absolutely delighted to receive the below feedback from our clients Jo and Jack at Pacific… Read more »

Metasearch by HiRUM: An extension of your website booking engine!

By 19/10/2015

Hotel metasearch: the latest proven way to get results from your online distribution, direct to your property. Consumers are time… Read more »

HiRUM Service Desk

By 15/10/2015

As part of our HiRUM rebranding, we have implemented a new and exciting feature for our properties to log all their… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Troubleshooting When You Can’t Check-In a Guest

By 15/10/2015

If you can’t check a guest in because HiRUM says a booking is already in the unit, firstly check that… Read more »

It’s time to take control of your business on Google.

By 14/10/2015

Our team of marketing experts will ensure you receive the best possible results by driving your online business presence.

Don’t Forget to Update OTA Commission Rates in HiRUM and HiSITE!

By 23/09/2015

Please remember that whenever an OTA changes their commission rate, your HiRUM and HiSITE will need to be updated to… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Multi-Currency with HiSITE Book Direct

By 09/09/2015

Automatic Conversion for Global Appeal. Gain worldwide exposure for your property and sell your rooms in countries all around the… Read more »

HiSITE Channel Manager is HTTPS secure

By 08/09/2015

Security is a top priority for HiRUM Software Solutions. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use… Read more »

Tip of the Week: HiSITE booking has not dropped into HiRUM

By 02/09/2015

Q: I received a booking email from HiSITE Channel Manager, but it has not dropped into HiRUM Front Desk. What… Read more »

Search the HiRUM/HiSITE Knowledge Base

By 24/08/2015

The HiRUM/HiSITE Knowledge Base is a part of our new Service Desk for submitting questions and requests for assistance. Enter your… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Customising Your Booking Form

By 20/08/2015

Q: Can I change how the HISITE Book Direct booking form looks to suit our brand and current website design?… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Clearing Owner Payments

By 13/08/2015

Did you know? When clearing your owner payments in HiRUM Front Desk if you push the asterisk * key on your… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Marketing with HiRUM Front Desk

By 06/08/2015

Q: Can HiRUM Front Desk also help to promote my property? A: Yes! Our reservation software can target niche markets… Read more »

Need some help? Here’s how to contact our Support team.

By 10/07/2015

For any new support assistance please ensure you Contact HiRUM support at info@hirum.com.au. As our individual Support agents are not always… Read more »

Happy EOFY! It’s time to prepare your Unit End of Year Report

By 30/06/2015

End of Financial Year is often hyped to be an unbearably busy and stressful time for business owners. Visions of people frantically… Read more »

Using Check-In? They’re now known as Jetmax!

By 30/06/2015

The agent formerly known as Check-In has recently been sold, and is now known as Jetmax. If your property is… Read more »

Remember to update your OTA commission rates in HiRUM and HiSITE

By 12/06/2015

Hooroo is the latest online travel agent to raise its commissions following Expedia’s acquisition of Wotif, while industry giant Booking.com… Read more »

HiRUM How-To Videos Now Available!

By 18/05/2015

Our new HiRUM How-To Videos demonstrate each of our support help articles in action!  Watch the process and be guided… Read more »

Booking.com Promotion Rooms

By 08/05/2015

A few properties have recently been caught out with overbookings from Booking.com in HiSITE Channel Manager. Some cases were a… Read more »

New to Expedia? Remember to check your rates!

By 30/04/2015

With many Wotif properties now making the switch to Expedia, HiRUM Software Solutions would like to remind our clients who are… Read more »

HiRUM is enhancing your support experience

By 16/04/2015

We are proud to introduce a new and exciting way for our properties to submit support requests for HiRUM Front… Read more »

HiRUM Software

By 02/07/2012

An interesting trend is emerging which will surprise many Property Managers. Over the past two years direct to property online… Read more »

functions of a property management system | HiRUM

Why more people choose HiRUM than any other product.

By 02/07/2010

…..Even better, the Hirum total solution allows you to increase your owners return by 8%, now wouldn’t that put a smile on their faces!