Category: Industry Updates

Why settle for the cloud, when the Sky’s the limit!

By 21/12/2016

Many software vendors are touting Cloud as being ‘the be all and end all’ for doing business. At HiRUM though… Read more »

Avoid scammers and keep money from your bookings safe

Avoid scammers over the Christmas period and keep your money firmly in your wallet!

By 17/11/2016

It’s a fact of life that not all people are honest. Usually only a small percentage of the wider population… Read more »

The Opportunity Centre

By 31/08/2016

A world of opportunities is out there… All you need to do is take them.

New version of Property Occupations Form 6 released

By 10/08/2016

A new version of the Property Occupations (PO) Form 6 has just been released by the Office of Fair Trading.

How to Leverage Your Hotel’s PMS Data to Increase Direct Bookings

By 09/08/2016

Personal customer service has always been vital for the hospitality industry.

Want to increase your profits? Optimise your distribution.

By 08/08/2016

New advances in technology continue to alter the relationship between properties and guests.

Gold field or mine field?

By 07/08/2016

Just as kids get caught up in the hype around the latest tech gadget to hit the market, so too… Read more »

Changes to bond refunds by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA)

By 03/08/2016

Queensland’s Residential Tenancies Authority is modernising its bond lodgement and refund system along with a number of other enhancements.

Your Money or Your Data: What Is Ransomware?

By 11/04/2016

Ransomware is one of the bluntest and most malicious forms of computer virus. It shoves itself unavoidably right in your… Read more »

Hot Tips to Increase Repeat Business

By 11/02/2016

There is much focus these days on the value of repeat business within the accommodation industry but what is often… Read more »

Expedia buys HomeAway for $3.9B to battle Airbnb.

By 06/11/2015

Travel booking site Expedia has agreed to buy publicly traded vacation rental company HomeAway for $3.9 billion, the companies announced… Read more »