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Google hotels booking system helping accommodation on the Gold Coast | HiRUM

Unpacking Google Hotel Search: A Comprehensive Guide for Accommodation Owners

By 10/04/2024

Google is making it easier than ever for accommodation owners to showcase their property to millions of travellers as soon… Read more »

artificial intelligence hotel concierge in a hotel lobby

Artificial Intelligence In The Hospitality Industry: The Potential Impacts Of AI For Hotels

By 24/05/2023

In the last 6 months the debate around AI (Artificial Intelligence) has ignited fiercely, as we see technology companies race… Read more »

silouhette of traveller at airport with plane taking off as travel trends continue growing | HiRUM

Travel Insights From Expedia

By 23/08/2022

It is wonderful to see that, even with industry challenges such as rising inflation and staff shortages, global travel trends… Read more »

woman at front desk using hotel business analytics to personalise customer service | HiRUM

How is Accommodation Management Evolving?

By 28/06/2022

Clearly the front desk is here to stay! Despite predictions in the industry as far back as 2010 and 2011… Read more »

handing over keys | changes to RTA bond refund process | HiRUM

Changes to bond refunds by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA)

By 08/01/2021

Queensland’s Residential Tenancies Authority is modernising its system for bond lodgement, refunds and disputes along with a number of other… Read more »

dropping keys into a hand | protect your business and data | HiRUM

Did You Just Hand Over Your Wallet & House Keys To A Complete Stranger?

By 16/09/2020

In times of crisis, with so many businesses struggling to survive, unscrupulous operators inevitably appear. Seeking to take advantage of… Read more »

woman looking frustrated at computer | beware of bait advertising

Beware of Bait Advertising!

By 28/07/2020

In pursuit of trying to convince consumers that booking direct is best, many accommodation operators run the risk of falling… Read more »

padlock by laptop keyboard | protect your business from internet security scams | HiRUM

Internet Security Scams and Viruses: How to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

By 26/03/2019

According to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, Australians reported losing a record high of over $340 million to internet… Read more »

Combustible Cladding: What It Means for Property Managers and Owners

By 26/03/2019

The ‘Combustible Cladding’ Backstory Within the last couple years, the term “Combustible Cladding” has shown up in the news more… Read more »

screen showing trend graph | digital marketing trends in the property management industry | HiRUM

The Top 3 Property Management Marketing Tools For 2019

By 23/01/2019

Whether you run a small bed and breakfast or a large resort, the role that marketing plays, and specifically digital… Read more »


QCAT considers short term letting by-laws

By 27/11/2018

By Frank Higginson, 21 Nov 2018 Source: Hynes Legal Governments create laws.  Courts and tribunals interpret those laws when they make… Read more »

couple on computer | Private Lettings Channels | HiRUM

Private lettings channels shrinking your letting pool? Here’s how to reclaim lost revenue.

By 06/11/2018

Learn how to reclaim lost revenue from private lettings channels. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have… Read more »


First Industry Awards Night a Success with Onsite Managers and Suppliers

By 29/10/2018

Pictured above: Natasha, Russell, Makaila and Gareth – HiRUM Software Solutions And the winner is… In an industry that demands… Read more »

customer at hotel reception | customer service trends in hospitality | HiRUM

Hotel Industry Trends: 3 Top Customer Service Trends in Hospitality

By 19/09/2018

In an industry where service is paramount, staying on top of the latest customer service trends in hospitality can make… Read more »


Airbnb: How we failed to see disruption coming and what to do about it

By 07/08/2018

“Forced out of the shadows” Written by: Sylvia Johnston, Senior Executive at HiRUM Software Solutions At the ripe old age… Read more »

What is a data platform?

What Is a Data Platform and How Does It Work in Hospitality?

By 16/07/2018

Source: Snapshot Team, 25 June 2018 (https://blog.snapshot.travel/what-is-a-data-platform-and-how-does-it-work-for-hotels) With massive amounts of data now available to hotels, it’s safe to say… Read more »

various australian dollar notes | trust property management accounting mistakes | HiRUM Software Solutions

Trust Property Management: 7 Trust Accounting Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Now

By 06/06/2018

Trust Property Management: 7 Trust Accounting Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Now By Steve Bickerton, Director, Bicko’s Bookkeeping With… Read more »

laptop screen with Facebook | The Facebook algorithm change you need to know | HiRUM

The Facebook Algorithm Change Your Property Can’t Afford to Ignore

By 07/03/2018

Organic reach for business pages on Facebook has been declining steadily for a while now, but a Facebook algorithm change… Read more »

Why settle for the cloud, when the Sky’s the limit!

By 21/12/2016

Many software vendors are touting Cloud as being ‘the be all and end all’ for doing business. At HiRUM though… Read more »

The Booking.com Opportunity Centre

By 31/08/2016

A world of opportunities is out there… All you need to do is take them.

New version of Property Occupations Form 6 released

By 10/08/2016

A new version of the Property Occupations (PO) Form 6 has just been released by the Office of Fair Trading.

How to Leverage Your Hotel’s PMS Data to Increase Direct Bookings

By 09/08/2016

Personal customer service has always been vital for the hospitality industry.

Want to increase your profits? Optimise your distribution.

By 08/08/2016

New advances in technology continue to alter the relationship between properties and guests.

Hot Tips to Increase Repeat Business

By 11/02/2016

There is much focus these days on the value of repeat business within the accommodation industry but what is often… Read more »

Expedia buys HomeAway for $3.9B to battle Airbnb.

By 06/11/2015

Travel booking site Expedia has agreed to buy publicly traded vacation rental company HomeAway for $3.9 billion, the companies announced… Read more »