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metasearch booking search screen | HiRUM

How Effective Is Metasearch As An Advertising Channel?

By 16/09/2019

When it comes to marketing your hotel, the list of strategies available to you can seem overwhelming and the landscape… Read more »

seo with upward arrow | improve seo ranking | HiRUM

How To Improve SEO Ranking On Google

By 28/08/2019

In the last of our series of blogs on search engine optimisation, we’re going to take a look at how… Read more »

billboards at night at piccadilly circus | the billboard effect | HiRUM

The Billboard Effect & 5 Ways Your Property Can Make The Most Of It

By 16/08/2019

If you have been in the hospitality industry for a while and been following the trend and effect patterns, you… Read more »

search box with search engine optimisation typed in | how seo works : seo tips | HiRUM

How SEO Works: SEO Tips For Property Managers

By 31/07/2019

How SEO Works In our last blog, we looked at what search engine optimisation (SEO) is and explored some of… Read more »

laptop screen showing what is search engine optimisation and post it notes on wall | HiRUM

What Is Search Engine Optimisation: A Guide For Property Owners

By 24/07/2019

We’ve talked in previous blogs about the key features of a well-designed website and the important role that a website… Read more »

best bed and breakfast website design features | HiRUM

The 4 Best Bed And Breakfast Website Design Features

By 05/07/2019

As a smaller accommodation owner, you may well think that you don’t need a website for your property or that… Read more »

hand holding mobile ready to make a direct booking online | HiRUM

5 Ways Your B&B Can Increase Digital Presence and Direct Booking Online

By 02/05/2019

As the travel industry continues to evolve and new sales channels become available to all property owners, it can be… Read more »

house by the sea | vacation rental management | HiRUM

A Beginner’s Guide To Vacation Rental Management

By 09/04/2019

Whether you’re looking to rent out a single room in your own property or you own a number of larger… Read more »

word puzzle around content marketing strategy | HiRUM

The Scoop On Content Marketing and How It Can Benefit Your Accommodation Business

By 26/03/2019

The Scoop on Content Marketing It is widely regarded that one of the major drivers for any successful business is… Read more »

airbnb on a mobile phone | best channel manager for airbnb | HiRUM

What To Look For In The Best Channel Manager For AirBnb

By 07/03/2019

Whether you’re managing apartment style vacation rentals, holiday homes, hostels or bed and breakfast accommodation, you are most likely either… Read more »

hotels and properties on the Gold Coast | HiRUM

How The New Google Hotel Booking System Is Transforming Property Reservations

By 09/02/2019

Whether you are running a large hotel with 500 rooms or a small boutique property, you can’t have failed to… Read more »

screen showing trend graph | digital marketing trends in the property management industry | HiRUM

The Top 3 Property Management Marketing Tools For 2019

By 23/01/2019

Whether you run a small bed and breakfast or a large resort, the role that marketing plays, and specifically digital… Read more »

airbnb logo overlaid on image of dining table | features of airbnb | HiRUM

Why Property Managers Should Include Airbnb As A Channel

By 12/12/2018

While this market-disrupting channel may have been a contentious subject amongst accommodation managers in the past, the industry has now… Read more »

hotel search on the internet | hotel internet marketing strategy | HiRUM

Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy: Mastering The Essentials

By 18/10/2018

Marketing in the accommodation and hotel industry is evolving at a rate of knots and it must often feel overwhelming… Read more »

mobile phone rating a service | how to market your hotel business | HiRUM

How To Market Your Hotel Business: 4 Essential Tools

By 06/09/2018

Getting your property in front of enough potential customers when they are looking to book is critical for any hotel…. Read more »

Upcoming Event Gives Local Independent Operators a Unique Opportunity to Learn from Global Industry Leaders

By 07/06/2018

Final Tickets Selling Fast! HiRUM proudly sponsors this industry event, hosted by Resort News. Next week, some of the brightest… Read more »


Important Announcement: HiRUM Integrates with CartStack!

By 06/06/2018

Introducing yet another revolutionary tool which will help you boost your revenue! CartStack is a robust revenue recovery system which… Read more »

woman holding mobile phone with 5 star review | How to respond to Google reviews | HiRUM

How To Respond To Google Reviews: Best Practice Tips

By 08/03/2018

The benefits of building a strong online review profile are irrefutable…Online reviews not only provide a unique opportunity to foster… Read more »

HiRUM's Marketing capabilities

An Insider Look at HiRUM’s Powerful Marketing Capabilities

By 08/03/2018

With this month’s focus on all things marketing, we figured we’d highlight the less-publicised marketing capabilities that our very own… Read more »

Important Facebook Updates

Facebook Changes Your Property Can’t Afford to Ignore

By 07/03/2018

Organic reach for business pages on Facebook has been declining steadily for a while now, but algorithm changes announced by… Read more »

finger selecting a smiley face | Online hotel reviews | HiRUM

3 Lucrative Benefits of Gathering Online Hotel Reviews

By 17/11/2017

In a world saturated with marketing content and advertising campaigns everywhere you look, consumer trust is evolving and gathering online… Read more »

Increase your visibility on search and extend your marketing reach

By 06/10/2016

Increase your search engine visibility Attract more people to your website Drive engagement with your property …all with the HiRUM… Read more »

How to Leverage Your Hotel’s PMS Data to Increase Direct Bookings

By 09/08/2016

Personal customer service has always been vital for the hospitality industry.

Want to increase your profits? Optimise your distribution.

By 08/08/2016

New advances in technology continue to alter the relationship between properties and guests.

Tips on Writing Concise Hotel Content

By 10/03/2016

In today’s travel and tourism industry, competition between providers has risen extremely. Due to this, establishing and maintaining a competitive… Read more »

Travellers refuse to book accommodation if images are poor quality

By 23/02/2016

A recent study by hotel app provider Eviivo was undertaken to test the theory of whether travellers are actually influenced… Read more »

Adding Incremental Revenue at Time of Booking

By 02/12/2015

Claimed by Amadeus, it is estimated a drastic increase of 10%-15% in incremental revenue is now earned. It is argued,… Read more »

Speech bubble with reviews and 5 stars | responding to tripadvisor reviews | HiRUM

The Importance of Responding to TripAdvisor Reviews

By 06/11/2015

Today, many property managers ignore or perceive responding to guest TripAdvisor reviews as a low priority. In other words, property… Read more »

What is Content Marketing?

By 23/10/2015

Many people, particularly marketers within the property industry struggle to define the term content marketing and aren’t quite sure how… Read more »

Metasearch by HiRUM: An extension of your website booking engine!

By 19/10/2015

Hotel metasearch: the latest proven way to get results from your online distribution, direct to your property. Consumers are time… Read more »

TripConnect Instant Booking Metasearch

By 19/10/2015

The largest, most trusted consumer review site now offers the opportunity for their clients reviewing your property to instantly book… Read more »

Google Hotel Metasearch

By 19/10/2015

Almost everyone turns to Google when they want to find something. Therefore it makes perfect sense to turn to Google… Read more »

How to Prepare for Schoolies

By 19/10/2015

Schoolies week is around the corner, which means the beach side suburbs of Australia will be filled with teens celebrating… Read more »

It’s time to take control of your business on Google.

By 14/10/2015

Our team of marketing experts will ensure you receive the best possible results by driving your online business presence.

Accommodation Marketing: Tips For Increasing Your Bottom Line

By 30/04/2014

An understanding of Behavioural Economics in accommodation marketing can help you to market your property more effectively Tnooz has recently published… Read more »

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