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tablet screen showing website traffic analytics data

Website Analytics: 3 Web Metrics You Should Track In Your Hotel Business

By 27/06/2024

For most accommodation owners and hoteliers, their hotel website is not only their ‘shop front’ but also a vital tool… Read more »

woman with a suitcase arriving at a vacation rental property

Marketing Your Vacation Rental Property Through the Winter Months

By 10/05/2024

One of the challenges for many vacation rental owners is the fluctuating nature of bookings and the inevitable lean periods… Read more »

Google hotels booking system helping accommodation on the Gold Coast | HiRUM

Unpacking Google Hotel Search: A Comprehensive Guide for Accommodation Owners

By 10/04/2024

Google is making it easier than ever for accommodation owners to showcase their property to millions of travellers as soon… Read more »

Hospitality Trends 2024: What Are The Emerging Trends in the Hospitality Industry?

By 16/02/2024

Welcome to the future of hospitality! As we move into 2024, the industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace…. Read more »

Expanding Your Reach: Accessing Expedia’s High Value Travellers

By 14/12/2023

As an Expedia Preferred Connectivity Partner, you can leverage your connection with HiRUM’s Channel Manager, HiSITE, to distribute rates and… Read more »

mobile phone showing Expedia logo

Unlocking the benefits: What does it mean to be an Expedia Preferred Connectivity Partner?

By 07/12/2023

HiRUM’s channel manager, HiSITE, is proud to be continually recognised as an Expedia preferred partner. Whilst this is high praise,… Read more »

A computer screen with a 3d map and plane next to the computer.

What Is A Global Distribution System (GDS) & Which Hotels Benefit Most From It?

By 12/10/2023

There is so much jargon used in the travel industry, it can be difficult to know your PMS from your… Read more »

Laptop screen, travel website and suitcase background for vacation planning, hospitality marketing and hotel online blog advertising.

Hospitality Marketing: How To Boost Your Bookings

By 15/08/2023

Whatever type of business you run, there is one crucial element that will help you stand out from the crowd:… Read more »

Hospitality Acronyms & Terminology: What’s A Hotel PMS, OTA or GDS?

By 14/08/2023

We often get questions from clients who are new to property management about hospitality acronyms and travel industry terminology. There’s… Read more »

bedroom of a holiday rental management property

A Beginner’s Guide To Holiday Property Management

By 13/08/2023

Whether you’re looking to rent out a single room in your own property or you own a number of larger… Read more »

hotel receptionist handing card to guest and using the functions of a property management system

What Are The Functions Of A Good Property Management System?

By 12/08/2023

Nowadays to run a successful property business it’s not enough to deliver great customer service. You almost have to be… Read more »

artificial intelligence hotel concierge in a hotel lobby

Artificial Intelligence In The Hospitality Industry: The Potential Impacts Of AI For Hotels

By 24/05/2023

In the last 6 months the debate around AI (Artificial Intelligence) has ignited fiercely, as we see technology companies race… Read more »

woman viewing room rate as she checks into hotel

What Is Average Room Rate?

By 19/04/2023

If you work in the accommodation industry you may be familiar with the term average room rate or average daily… Read more »

cloud data security depicted by white digital cloud icon with a padlock inside above a virtual data stream

How Safe Is The Cloud?

By 04/04/2023

‘The cloud’- we’ve all heard of it and we’ve probably all used it, often without giving it a second thought…. Read more »

example of Google hotel listing using Google tools, Business Profile

Maximising Your Property’s Online Presence with Google: A Guide to Free Advertising Tools

By 13/02/2023

Advertising your property online can be a great way to reach a larger audience and attract more bookings. While paid… Read more »

road sign with one direction showing holiday and the other season

7 Hints To Prepare For Next Holiday Season

By 09/01/2023

In the blink of an eye another Christmas has passed, and the busy holiday season is drawing to a close…. Read more »

HiRUM & Guesty Join Forces

A Letter From The Founders

By 14/10/2022

To Our Valued Customers, For the past 25 years, our unwavering mission has always been to pioneer technology solutions for… Read more »

choosing property management system features highlighted with 'its your choice' written on glass with a tick | HiRUM

Is Your PMS Flexible & Responsive Enough?

By 13/10/2022

To say that the accommodation industry has changed significantly over the last 10 years seems like an understatement. Clearly the… Read more »

ipad and paper showing the words online reviews with 4 out of 5 stars highlighted | HiRUM

The Power of Guest Reviews

By 26/09/2022

Don’t Underestimate The Impact Of Guest Reviews In the competitive hospitality market, online hotel reviews have become a VERY important… Read more »

silouhette of traveller at airport with plane taking off as travel trends continue growing | HiRUM

Travel Insights From Expedia

By 23/08/2022

It is wonderful to see that, even with industry challenges such as rising inflation and staff shortages, global travel trends… Read more »

tenants collecting keys under new qld tenancy laws | HiRUM

Queensland Tenancy Laws are changing from October

By 23/08/2022

It is important to be familiar with these changes and the rights and responsibilities of tenants, owners, property managers, onsite… Read more »

hand holding mobile device with a padlock on screen highlighting a data security risk | HiRUM

Data Security Risk In Hospitality: Protect Your Travel Business From Scammers

By 04/08/2022

Travelers are relishing the opportunity to get back into the swing of their business trips, family getaways and summer holidays but unfortunately Cybercriminals have used the time to hone their skills and are ready to use all the tools now at their disposal to monetize their theft at the expense of unsuspecting businesses and travelers.

hotel housekeeping staff making bed | HiRUM

Hotel Housekeeping: 5 Ways to Boost Productivity & Retention

By 28/07/2022

We have heard it on the news and seen it all over the internet, “the great resignation”. Businesses that once… Read more »

woman at front desk using hotel business analytics to personalise customer service | HiRUM

How is Accommodation Management Evolving?

By 28/06/2022

Clearly the front desk is here to stay! Despite predictions in the industry as far back as 2010 and 2011… Read more »

How To Market Your Hotel In 2022

By 13/05/2022

Marketing strategies, tactics and techniques are a part of the essential toolkit for property managers looking to attract as many… Read more »

dark hooded figure behind laptop - how instant identity verification can help hotels | HiRUM

The Risk Of The Faceless Guest

By 03/11/2021

The festive season is fast approaching, bringing Christmas carols on the radio, increased occupancies and unfortunately the risk of fraudulent… Read more »

brand awareness & SEO fit like jigsaw pieces | HiRUM

SEO: The Solution To Longer Term Brand Awareness

By 06/10/2021

As an accommodation owner you’ll be well aware of the vital role your website plays in marketing your business. What… Read more »

Motel software solutions: impression of a motel | HiRUM

Motels are making a well-deserved comeback!

By 29/09/2021

The evolving landscape of the motel industry and why they are currently having their ‘moment’. For a long time, hotels have sat at the top of the hierarchy in the accommodation industry by being the preferred choice of stay for holiday goers.

icons honeycombed showing property management software features | HiRUM

7 Essential Property Management Software Features

By 25/08/2021

Accommodation management can feel like you need to be a master of multiple specialisms including marketing, accounting and maintenance, on… Read more »

Extra Dollars In Your Pocket With Private Cloud

By 20/07/2021

I’m certain every savvy business owner is constantly on the lookout for ways to save costs in their business but… Read more »

A Specialist Marketing Service For Accommodation Providers Of All Shapes And Sizes

By 14/07/2021

With discussion evolving around more international travel bubbles opening, what are you doing now to ensure the domestic travel market… Read more »

desktop screen with elements of seo website design emerging from it | HiRUM

Balancing SEO With Great Website Design

By 14/05/2021

Website designers love building beautiful, elegant websites using the latest design trends. They often like to keep things as simple… Read more »

photography equipment set up to capture a woman at sunset

The Importance of Photography

By 21/04/2021

The importance of photography in marketing your hotel cannot be underestimated. It’s one of the most effective ways to capture… Read more »

four mile beach port douglas | dealing with travel uncertainty | HiRUM

How To Adapt Your Marketing Strategy To Deal With Travel Uncertainty

By 09/04/2021

It’s no exaggeration to say that the current climate of imminent lockdowns and border closures has never posed a greater… Read more »

Google Hotel Ads Blog

How To Set Up Google Hotel Ads For Your Property

By 24/03/2021

What Are Google Hotel Ads? Google hotel Ads is a metasearch engine that has now surpassed Trip Advisor in the… Read more »

screen displaying words cyber security | fake emails | HiRUM

How To Spot A Fake Email: The Difference Between Scam, Hoax & Phishing Emails

By 17/01/2021

Online hoaxes are becoming more sophisticated, making it very difficult to identify whether an email, SMS or website is real… Read more »

handing over keys | changes to RTA bond refund process | HiRUM

Changes to bond refunds by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA)

By 08/01/2021

Queensland’s Residential Tenancies Authority is modernising its system for bond lodgement, refunds and disputes along with a number of other… Read more »

no vacancy in neon lights | calculate and increase occupancy rate | HiRUM

3 Ways To Improve Your Occupancy Rate

By 26/11/2020

As the borders begin to open up within Australia, now is the perfect time to invest some time and effort… Read more »

man speaking on phone pointing to screen | hotel flexible booking | HiRUM

The COVID-19 New Normal: Worry-Free Reservations

By 11/11/2020

COVID-19 has changed guest’s expectations in respect to travel.  The uncertainty experienced during the pandemic has resulted in a desire… Read more »

3 people working round a screen | content management systems in use | HiRUM

What Is The Best CMS System For Hotel & Accommodation Businesses?

By 28/10/2020

If you already have a website for your hotel, motel or holiday rental accommodation, you may be familiar with the… Read more »

2 storey house at dusk with large pool | maximise your holiday rental income | HiRUM

3 Top Tips To Maximise Your Holiday Rental Income & Get More Bookings

By 14/10/2020

With the ongoing uncertainty about the closure of borders, many people are researching places to explore closer to home. With… Read more »

dropping keys into a hand | protect your business and data | HiRUM

Did You Just Hand Over Your Wallet & House Keys To A Complete Stranger?

By 16/09/2020

In times of crisis, with so many businesses struggling to survive, unscrupulous operators inevitably appear. Seeking to take advantage of… Read more »

shady character oobscured by data stream - how to protect yourself from the dark web | HiRUM

The Dark Web: Everything you need to know

By 06/08/2020

The Dark Web, you may have heard of it, you may have chosen to ignore it. Either way, it’s something… Read more »

residential property manager showing couple around | HiRUM

7 Essential Software Requirements For Residential Property Managers

By 05/08/2020

The role of residential property managers can be challenging, to say the least. Aside from the obvious responsibilities of attracting… Read more »

woman looking frustrated at computer | beware of bait advertising

Beware of Bait Advertising!

By 28/07/2020

In pursuit of trying to convince consumers that booking direct is best, many accommodation operators run the risk of falling… Read more »

lake weyba | 5 of the best sunshine coast secret spots | HiRUM

5 Of The Best Kept Secrets On The Sunshine Coast

By 16/06/2020

With so many of us keen to take full advantage of the opportunity to once again explore our fabulous state… Read more »

5 Marketing Strategies to Help Your Property Stand Out from The Crowd

By 03/06/2020

There has been much talk about an overarching property marketing strategy your business should be implementing at the moment, but… Read more »

gold coast skyline | hidden gems on the gold coast | HiRUM

5 Hidden Gems You Just Have To Visit On The Gold Coast

By 28/05/2020

With the easing of lockdown restrictions and overnight stays within Queensland now permitted, we’ve put together a list of 5… Read more »

outside chair setting | rise of the staycation | HiRUM

The Rise Of The Staycation: Is Your Holiday Home Ready To Take Advantage?

By 06/05/2020

It’s been a while now since the enormously impactful travel restrictions were put in place, which means vacation rental businesses… Read more »

COVID-19 Crisis Mitigation Tips For Property Owners: Part 1

By 01/04/2020

It’s no exaggeration to say that many of us are still reeling and staggered by the speed with which Coronavirus,… Read more »

COVID-19 Crisis Mitigation Tips For Property Owners: Part 2

By 01/04/2020

There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment, with many already feeling severe effects, or waiting for… Read more »

phone with customer reviews popping out | managing online business reviews | HiRUM

Managing online reviews for the good of your business

By 26/02/2020

It’s a make or break for any industry that operates on the positive consumer experience before them. When customers are… Read more »

Utilise Valuable Market Insights for Better Business Decisions in 2020

By 14/02/2020

Benchmarking Made Easy with STR At HiRUM, we continue to look ahead at where the industry is going, and focus… Read more »

marketing strategy written on page with icons | essential property management strategies | HiRUM

5 Essential Property Management Marketing Strategies You Need To Use

By 12/02/2020

Whether you are a new property manager or you’ve been in the industry for a long time, marketing is an… Read more »

HiSITE and Homeaway logos with handshake icon | Homeaway channel manager | HiRUM

HomeAway is now connected to HiSITE Channel Manager!

By 31/01/2020

HiRUM is excited to announce API integration between HiSITE Channel Manager and HomeAway! HiSITE Channel Manager clients are now able… Read more »

MessageMedia Brings Personalised and Automated SMS to HiRUM Customers!

By 29/01/2020

It’s easy, it’s effective and it’s here! Wouldn’t you love to create the ultimate travel experience for your customers? Imagine… Read more »

vacation rental tools

3 Essential Tools To Transform Your Vacation Rental Management Business

By 21/01/2020

Vacation rentals are a booming sector in the industry at the moment. Whether you are new to property management and… Read more »

direct hotel booking on a tablet | HiRUM

Direct Hotel Booking: How To Win Back Business From The OTAs

By 04/12/2019

The competitive landscape for hotel and property managers has shifted so much in the last 10 years with the emergence… Read more »

Harry icon holding spanner promoting maintenance manager app | HiRUM

The Next Generation in Property Management Mobile Solutions: Vol. 4

By 29/11/2019

Congratulations! You have made it to the fourth and final instalment in the Property Management Mobile App Solutions blog series…. Read more »

harry icon holding mobile phone with asset management mobile app | HiRUM

The Next Generation in Property Management Mobile Solutions: Vol. 3

By 22/11/2019

Welcome to the third instalment in the four-part HiRUM Mobile Solutions blog series. Following our last blog on the Inspection… Read more »

character with amgnifying glass | app for property inspections | HiRUM

The Next Generation in Property Management Mobile Solutions: Vol. 2

By 15/11/2019

Following our last post about the next generation of property management mobile app solutions, this article is the second instalment… Read more »

mascot with camera in hotel room | property management mobile app | HiRUM

The Next Generation in Property Management Mobile Solutions: Vol. 1

By 08/11/2019

Anyone who has worked in the Management Rights industry understands all too well that there is seldom enough time to… Read more »

silhouetted hands in the air at concert | Schoolies preparation 2019 | HiRUM

The ‘Schoolies’ Are Here! Top Schoolies Preparation Tips

By 06/11/2019

Every year in November-December thousands of school leavers’ from around Australia arrive by train, bus and plane, each keen to… Read more »

meet the onboarding team | HiRUM

Meet The Onboarding Team

By 10/10/2019

Our HiRUM team is comprised of many different people in many different roles. Each of our departments is crucial to… Read more »

metasearch booking search screen | HiRUM

How Effective Is Metasearch As An Advertising Channel?

By 16/09/2019

When it comes to marketing your hotel, the list of strategies available to you can seem overwhelming and the landscape… Read more »

seo with upward arrow | improve seo ranking | HiRUM

How To Improve SEO Ranking On Google

By 28/08/2019

In the last of our series of blogs on search engine optimisation, we’re going to take a look at how… Read more »

billboards at night at piccadilly circus | the billboard effect | HiRUM

The Billboard Effect & 5 Ways Your Property Can Make The Most Of It

By 16/08/2019

If you have been in the hospitality industry for a while and been following the trend and effect patterns, you… Read more »

search box with search engine optimisation typed in | how seo works : seo tips | HiRUM

How SEO Works: SEO Tips For Property Managers

By 31/07/2019

How SEO Works In our last blog, we looked at what search engine optimisation (SEO) is and explored some of… Read more »

laptop screen showing what is search engine optimisation and post it notes on wall | HiRUM

What Is Search Engine Optimisation: A Guide For Property Owners

By 24/07/2019

We’ve talked in previous blogs about the key features of a well-designed website and the important role that a website… Read more »

best bed and breakfast website design features | HiRUM

The 4 Best Bed And Breakfast Website Design Features

By 05/07/2019

As a smaller accommodation owner, you may well think that you don’t need a website for your property or that… Read more »

Woman handing over room key to male guest | best PMS for small hotels | HiRUM

How To Choose The Best PMS For Small Hotels

By 06/06/2019

Whether you are managing bed and breakfast accommodation, a motel or a small property with just a handful of rooms,… Read more »

hand holding mobile ready to make a direct booking online | HiRUM

5 Ways Your B&B Can Increase Digital Presence and Direct Booking Online

By 02/05/2019

As the travel industry continues to evolve and new sales channels become available to all property owners, it can be… Read more »

jigsaw puzzle spelling marketing | contract marketing | HiRUM

Contractor Marketing …. Are you aware of all the facts?

By 23/04/2019

With the growth in social media and the need to market your business using Blogs and Newsletters we have seen… Read more »

padlock by laptop keyboard | protect your business from internet security scams | HiRUM

Internet Security Scams and Viruses: How to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

By 26/03/2019

According to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, Australians reported losing a record high of over $340 million to internet… Read more »

HiRUM Product Sneak Peek: HiRUM Anywhere Maintenance and Asset Apps

By 26/03/2019

HiRUM Product Sneak Peek HiRUM is happy to announce that we will soon be adding two additional apps to the… Read more »

word puzzle around content marketing strategy | HiRUM

What Is Content Marketing And How Can It Benefit Your Accommodation Business?

By 26/03/2019

What is Content Marketing? It is widely regarded that one of the major drivers for any successful business is a… Read more »

homeaway channel manager on a screen trough a magnifying glass | HiRUM

HomeAway: HiRUM’s Newest Channel Integration

By 26/03/2019

HiRUM is excited to announce that HomeAway is soon to be our newest OTA channel manager integration. HomeAway is an… Read more »

airbnb on a mobile phone | best channel manager for airbnb | HiRUM

What To Look For In The Best Channel Manager For AirBnb

By 07/03/2019

Whether you’re managing apartment style vacation rentals, holiday homes, hostels or bed and breakfast accommodation, you are most likely either… Read more »


Airbnb Channel Manager Connection is LIVE!

By 12/12/2018

HiSITE – Airbnb channel manager connection available today! After a tremendous amount of work from HiRUM’s development team we are… Read more »

couple welcoming people to the house | peoperty management software for small business | HiRUM

Property Management Software For Small Business: 3 Things To Look For

By 06/12/2018

What To Look For In Property Management Software For Small Business Property management is a challenging industry, particularly when you… Read more »

outdoor balcony with bench | vacation property management software | HiRUM

The Top 3 Features To Look For In Vacation Property Management Software

By 15/11/2018

Running a vacation property rental business can be very different from that of a large hotel operation. Without the budgets… Read more »

swimming pool surrounded by hotel rooms | Hotel inventory system | HiRUM

How Good Hotel Inventory Software Will Transform Your Business

By 08/11/2018

The hospitality and accommodation industry is so fiercely competed that effective inventory management is critical to the success and profitability… Read more »

couple on computer | Private Lettings Channels | HiRUM

Private lettings channels shrinking your letting pool? Here’s how to reclaim lost revenue.

By 06/11/2018

Learn how to reclaim lost revenue from private lettings channels. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have… Read more »


First Industry Awards Night a Success with Onsite Managers and Suppliers

By 29/10/2018

Pictured above: Natasha, Russell, Makaila and Gareth – HiRUM Software Solutions And the winner is… In an industry that demands… Read more »

hotel search on the internet | hotel internet marketing strategy | HiRUM

Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy: Mastering The Essentials

By 18/10/2018

Marketing in the accommodation and hotel industry is evolving at a rate of knots and it must often feel overwhelming… Read more »

customer at hotel reception | customer service trends in hospitality | HiRUM

Hotel Industry Trends: 3 Top Customer Service Trends in Hospitality

By 19/09/2018

In an industry where service is paramount, staying on top of the latest customer service trends in hospitality can make… Read more »

hotel no vacancy neon sign | channel management in the hotel industry | HiRUM

A Quick Guide To Channel Management In The Hotel Industry

By 30/08/2018

While driving direct bookings via your website are a fantastic, cost effective method of selling your rooms and managing your… Read more »

5 star review | 7 things to look for in a pms provider | HiRUM

7 Things To Look For In Your PMS Provider

By 09/08/2018

A property manager’s job can be stressful, right? And there are never enough hours in the day to look after… Read more »

Resort News & Industry Event

Resort News Industry Event a hit with Accom Managers!

By 18/06/2018

Industry Event Re-Cap! HiRUM Software Solutions recently partnered with Resort News to put on an event specifically for Accom Managers… Read more »


Important Announcement: LIVE CONNECTION with Snapshot!

By 07/06/2018

Snapshot is an innovative data house and marketplace for hotel related applications. The revolutionary platform allows accommodation providers of all… Read more »


Important Announcement: HiRUM Integrates with CartStack!

By 06/06/2018

Introducing yet another revolutionary tool which will help you boost your revenue! CartStack is a robust revenue recovery system which… Read more »

Bundling for Management Rights

Everything You Need to Know About Bundling for Your Management Rights Business: The Good, the Bad & the Rest

By 20/04/2018

Running a management rights business often means juggling an awful lot of admin. This includes ensuring you invoice all your… Read more »

Important Announcement: HiRUM enters agreement with HomeAway

HiRUM enters agreement with HomeAway

By 07/03/2018

HiRUM has entered into a property management agreement with HomeAway to afford all our clients the opportunity to distribute their… Read more »

How HiRUM plans to minimise disruption to service over the Games period.

How we plan to minimise disruptions during the ‘Games’.

By 07/03/2018

The atmosphere in the travel and accommodation industry is starting to build here on the Gold Coast with the Commonwealth… Read more »

man conducting property inspection | property management inspection checklist

A Property Inspection Checklist: Tips To Avoid Compliance Issues

By 13/02/2018

We’ve heard the horror stories from property managers, of legal battles and expensive mistakes when property inspections aren’t compliant, or… Read more »

man conducting property inspection | property management inspection checklist

HiRUM Anywhere Inspection App – Have you downloaded your free trial yet?

By 28/11/2017

The HiRUM Anywhere Inspection app is designed to make it easier for you to undertake your property inspections, reducing manual… Read more »

TrustYou Reviews

Partner Profile – Meet TrustYou

By 17/11/2017

Each quarter we profile an affiliated HiRUM partner. Given our new partnership with TrustYou we thought what better company to… Read more »

Download the HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk App Today

HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk App – Have you downloaded it yet?

By 17/11/2017

The HiRUM Anywhere Front Desk PMS app is designed to give you the ability to manage your critical business information… Read more »

HiRUM is expanding – Meet our new recruits!

By 09/10/2017

An organisation is only as good as its people. At HiRUM we are proud of the team we have created!… Read more »

‘Support the Girls’– helping disadvantaged women of Australia!

By 06/10/2017

Thank you for your generous donations. To most of us, a bra and sanitary items are essentials, not luxuries. For… Read more »

Set your rates for the Commonwealth Games 2018!

By 06/10/2017

Now’s the time to prepare! On 4 April 2018, over 6,000 athletes and team officials from 71 nations and territories… Read more »

Introducing HiRUM Anywhere

By 26/04/2017

Welcome to the future of Property Management ‘HiRUM Anywhere’ A Property Manager’s ticket to freedom     The team at… Read more »

Auditor visit


By 29/03/2017

As many of you know, part of the requirement to maintain a real estate license in QLD or NSW (and… Read more »

Administration services that will make your break!

By 20/03/2017

As a hotel/resort manager or owner, we know you work incredibly hard, day-in, day-out to provide the best service and… Read more »

Why settle for the cloud, when the Sky’s the limit!

By 21/12/2016

Many software vendors are touting Cloud as being ‘the be all and end all’ for doing business. At HiRUM though… Read more »

Tour Ticketing: Increase your profit and enhance your customers’ experience

By 20/12/2016

By simply offering guests activities and packages that may be of interest to them, accommodation providers have the opportunity to… Read more »

Meet our Connectivity Partner, The Hotel Network

By 14/12/2016

Each month we feature one of our many HiSITE Channel Manager connectivity partners. This month The Hotel Network has answered some questions… Read more »

HiSCAN streamlining your operations

How HiSCAN can bring efficiencies to your office

By 18/11/2016

Tired of having mountains of receipts and documents laying around your office, taking up precious real estate? Or having to… Read more »

Meet our connectivity partner LeisureCom

By 06/10/2016

Each month we will feature one of our many HiSITE Channel Manager connectivity partners. This month LeisureCom has answered some… Read more »

hotel in a digital search bar | increasing visibility iin digital marketing | HiRUM

Help With Increasing Visibility in Digital Marketing

By 06/10/2016

The HiRUM Marketing Reach program helps with the ongoing challenges of increasing visibility in digital marketing for your property in… Read more »

Important Reminder: Your HiSITE PCI password needs to be reset every 90 days

By 06/10/2016

PCI is a means of building customers’ trust and protecting your business against damaging leaks of confidential customer and payment… Read more »

The Booking.com Opportunity Centre

By 31/08/2016

A world of opportunities is out there… All you need to do is take them.

Beachview Apartments at Villa Paradiso in Palm Cove

By 22/08/2016

Our Support team received the following feedback from Beachview Apartments at Villa Paradiso in Palm Cove!

NEW HiSITE FEATURES NOW LIVE: Introducing Master Rates and Seasons

By 17/08/2016

We are excited to announce the launch of two new features on HiSITE- introducing Master Rates & Seasons.

New version of Property Occupations Form 6 released

By 10/08/2016

A new version of the Property Occupations (PO) Form 6 has just been released by the Office of Fair Trading.

How to Leverage Your Hotel’s PMS Data to Increase Direct Bookings

By 09/08/2016

Personal customer service has always been vital for the hospitality industry.

Want to increase your profits? Optimise your distribution.

By 08/08/2016

New advances in technology continue to alter the relationship between properties and guests.

HiRUM Support gets an A+ from Aegean Resort Apartments in Surfers Paradise

By 25/07/2016

Some great feedback our support team received from Aegean Resort Apartments in Surfers Paradise! “Just wanted to pass on my… Read more »

Don’t Become the Victim of a Virus. Backup Your HiRUM Data!

By 01/07/2016

Currently you may have noticed an increase in spam email being sent to your public email address and some of… Read more »

HiRUM clients can now list on Sabre

By 30/05/2016

Technology that transforms travel HiRUM have partnered with 7 Point Hotel Distribution to provide clients access to the Sabre network…. Read more »

HiRUM and SiteMinder partner to increase integrated distribution solutions for Australia’s hotels

By 18/05/2016

HiRUM and SiteMinder have today announced a partnership to offer a new, wholly-integrated online distribution solution for hotels in the… Read more »

Caribbean Resort Mooloolaba

By 14/03/2016

Our Support team received the following feedback from Caribbean Resort Mooloolaba!

Tip of the Week: Processing a bond using HiRUM

By 01/03/2016

This week’s tip of the week will assist you with guests and bonds. Firstly we will receipt a bond against… Read more »

Complimentary Consulting Support

By 18/02/2016

HiRUM Software Solutions has recently partnered with Shane Aeberli from Resort Mates to provide complimentary one on one support to… Read more »

Hot Tips to Increase Repeat Business

By 11/02/2016

There is much focus these days on the value of repeat business within the accommodation industry but what is often… Read more »

Warning: Hoax Email From “Qld Tourism”

By 14/01/2016

We have been notified that some Gold Coast Tourism members have received an invoice from an organisation calling themselves Qld… Read more »

HiRUM Website Design: The Plantation Resort

By 16/12/2015

HiRUM has recently completed the Plantation Resort‘s new website look, and everyone agrees that it looks amazing! Their new website… Read more »

Welcome to HiRUM: Wharf Boutique Holiday Apartments

By 16/12/2015

The team at HiRUM would like to welcome Wharf Apartments to the HiRUM family. This stunning Holiday Apartment is located in… Read more »

HiRUM Developers in the U.S. – Day 1 and 2

By 03/12/2015

Brett and John have landed in LA! The guys have been checking out the sights around Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa… Read more »

Adding Incremental Revenue at Time of Booking

By 02/12/2015

Claimed by Amadeus, it is estimated a drastic increase of 10%-15% in incremental revenue is now earned. It is argued,… Read more »

Your Christmas Survival Guide

By 01/12/2015

While other industries wind down from 24th December to enjoy the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, property managers continue working… Read more »

Properties listed on Hostelworld seeing great results!

By 10/11/2015

HiRUM Software Solutions has now offered a connection to Hostelworld through HiSITE Channel Manager for 3 months. Many of our budget… Read more »

Speech bubble with reviews and 5 stars | responding to tripadvisor reviews | HiRUM

The Importance of Responding to TripAdvisor Reviews

By 06/11/2015

Today, many property managers ignore or perceive responding to guest TripAdvisor reviews as a low priority. In other words, property… Read more »

Booking.com Connectivity Exchange Event

By 05/11/2015

The Booking.com Connectivity exchange event was held in Amsterdam this year on 27th to 28th October. Sylvia and Philip Johnston,… Read more »

hotelscombined logo

The Benefits Of Listing Your Property On HotelsCombined Via Revato

By 19/10/2015

Independently owned HotelsCombined brings you Revato, it’s Book Direct Platform. Property managers can connect and have your direct rates visible… Read more »

HiRUM Service Desk

By 15/10/2015

As part of our HiRUM rebranding, we have implemented a new and exciting feature for our properties to log all their… Read more »

The Observatory is ‘Australia’s Greenest Hotel’

By 06/10/2015

Congratulations to our client, The Observatory Hotel in Port Macquarie, who has been recently recognised for their strong dedication to sustainability…. Read more »

Our HiRUM Family is Growing!

By 02/10/2015

Babies, Babies, Babies – our HiRUM family is growing!!!! Today Sarah is leaving us to wait for the arrival of her… Read more »

HiRUM has won the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for Innovation (September 2015)

By 01/10/2015

HiRUM Software Solutions is delighted to announce that our company has won the September Gold Coast Business Excellence Award for… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Sending SMS Notifications to Your Guests

By 01/10/2015

Did you know you can send SMS alerts to communicate with your guests? Contact your guests before they arrive at… Read more »

Don’t Forget to Update OTA Commission Rates in HiRUM and HiSITE!

By 23/09/2015

Please remember that whenever an OTA changes their commission rate, your HiRUM and HiSITE will need to be updated to… Read more »

Tip of the Week: HiSITE Image Carousel

By 23/09/2015

Did you know? You can change the number of photos displayed on your booking form’s image carousel! This can be… Read more »

Tip of the Week: HiRUM Emails Are Not Sending

By 15/09/2015

If emails are not sending from HiRUM or the email box is not appearing, the problem can be resolved by… Read more »

Ivory Palms Resort Unveils New Wood Fired Pizza Oven

By 15/09/2015

Congratulations to our HiRUM client Ivory Palms Resort in Noosa, who launched their new wood fired pizza oven on Friday…. Read more »

Testimonial: Regent Court Apartments & Sunvalley on Currumbin

By 11/09/2015

We love hearing from our clients and providing them with excellent service and support. “Just wanted to let you know what… Read more »

HiSITE Channel Manager is HTTPS secure

By 08/09/2015

Security is a top priority for HiRUM Software Solutions. We invest a lot in making sure that our services use… Read more »

Tip of the Week: HiSITE booking has not dropped into HiRUM

By 02/09/2015

Q: I received a booking email from HiSITE Channel Manager, but it has not dropped into HiRUM Front Desk. What… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Multi-Property on HiSITE Channel Manager

By 26/08/2015

Q: Can HiSITE Channel Manager support a multi-property network? A: Yes, with HiSITE Channel Manager you can manage your whole… Read more »

Search the HiRUM/HiSITE Knowledge Base

By 24/08/2015

The HiRUM/HiSITE Knowledge Base is a part of our new Service Desk for submitting questions and requests for assistance. Enter your… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Customising Your Booking Form

By 20/08/2015

Q: Can I change how the HISITE Book Direct booking form looks to suit our brand and current website design?… Read more »

Tip of the Week: Clearing Owner Payments

By 13/08/2015

Did you know? When clearing your owner payments in HiRUM Front Desk if you push the asterisk * key on your… Read more »

Get listed on HotelsCombined with HiSITE Channel Manager

By 04/08/2015

  HotelsCombined cuts through availability and prices from all the top travel websites from around the world, including Booking.com, Expedia,… Read more »

Paul Keating to Australian hotels: low standards will cost Chinese tourists

By 16/07/2015

Paul Keating has delivered some tough love to Australian hoteliers, warning operators they were stuck in the 80s and 90s…. Read more »

Need some help? Here’s how to contact our Support team.

By 10/07/2015

For any new support assistance please ensure you Contact HiRUM support at info@hirum.com.au. As our individual Support agents are not always… Read more »

Welcome to the HiRUM family, Peppers Ruffles Lodge & Spa!

By 02/07/2015

Welcome to HiRUM! This beautiful property is perched high on a ridge in the magnificent Gold Coast hinterland at Willow… Read more »

Happy EOFY! It’s time to prepare your Unit End of Year Report

By 30/06/2015

End of Financial Year is often hyped to be an unbearably busy and stressful time for business owners. Visions of people frantically… Read more »

Using Check-In? They’re now known as Jetmax!

By 30/06/2015

The agent formerly known as Check-In has recently been sold, and is now known as Jetmax. If your property is… Read more »

Why you should use Google+ to promote your property

By 29/06/2015

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat – so many social networks, so little time! Properties need to think… Read more »

URGENT ALERT: Fraudulent email imitating HiRUM and Travelgate

By 28/06/2015

Please be aware that you may have received a fraudulent email, appearing to be sent from travelgate.com.au or hirum.com.au titled… Read more »

Remember to update your OTA commission rates in HiRUM and HiSITE

By 12/06/2015

Hooroo is the latest online travel agent to raise its commissions following Expedia’s acquisition of Wotif, while industry giant Booking.com… Read more »

HiRUM How-To Videos Now Available!

By 18/05/2015

Our new HiRUM How-To Videos demonstrate each of our support help articles in action!  Watch the process and be guided… Read more »

Booking.com Promotion Rooms

By 08/05/2015

A few properties have recently been caught out with overbookings from Booking.com in HiSITE Channel Manager. Some cases were a… Read more »

Booking.com Guest Communication Changes

By 28/04/2015

As you may already be aware, scammers are increasingly trying to find ways to gain access to online platforms like… Read more »

Quickbeds Password Security: Important Information For Hotels

By 28/04/2015

UPDATE: Your Quickbeds password must be changed by 2pm on Wednesday, 13 May 2015. For more information please click here…. Read more »

HiRUM is enhancing your support experience

By 16/04/2015

We are proud to introduce a new and exciting way for our properties to submit support requests for HiRUM Front… Read more »

HiSITE Channel Manager – Rejected/ No Allocation Message

By 20/02/2015

Rejected – No Allocation Message A HiSITE Channel Manager Booking Alert – Low Allocation email will be sent to your… Read more »

Mobile Usage and Online Booking

By 03/02/2015

The influence and impact of mobile devices on online booking is continually growing. eMarketers forecast that 47% of all online… Read more »

Online Bookings -Expedia Buys Travelocity

By 27/01/2015

Want to know the latest in what is happening with online bookings? – Expedia has just purchased Travelocity from Sabre… Read more »

The future of travel – what will holidays look like by 2024?

By 07/10/2014

What does the future of travel hold?  Check-in by robot?  Budget space flights?  Virtual holidays?  Hotels on the moon? Read… Read more »

ACCC says “yes” to Wotif Takeover By Expedia-Online Bookings

By 03/10/2014

The ACCC has today cleared the way for Expedia to complete its takeover bid of Wotif, concluding that the proposed… Read more »

Will sale of Wotif impact online bookings?

By 11/09/2014

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have waded into the sale of Wotif to Expedia. They have indicated that… Read more »

Congratulations Chateau Beachside

By 11/08/2014

Congratulations to Chateau Beachside on the Gold Coast who achieved our first ever Google Hotel Finder Direct booking after they… Read more »

Google Hotel Finder – The Future For On-Line Travel Bookings?

By 13/05/2014

Without doubt, the on-line travel industry generates a massive annual turnover, with $162 billion in sales in 2012.  The travel… Read more »

Accommodation Marketing: Tips For Increasing Your Bottom Line

By 30/04/2014

An understanding of Behavioural Economics in accommodation marketing can help you to market your property more effectively A recently published article… Read more »

On Site Residential Property Management: Tips To Keep Your Letting Pool

By 25/03/2014

As an ex-property manager in a real estate business, I am only too aware that real estate agents see the… Read more »

Office Of Fair Trading Inspections

By 30/01/2014

The Office of Fair Trading has recently been conducting random inspections Some of the items that they seem to be… Read more »

Kirra Surf Apartments Benefit From HiRUM’s Property Management Software

By 20/12/2013

Accomnews have recently published a fantastic interview with Kirra Surf Apartments, extolling the benefits of HiRUM Property Management Software. Kirra… Read more »

HiRUM PMS Showcases Villa Del Lago

By 29/10/2013

Queenstown, New Zealand HiRUM is proud to showcase another beautiful property. Our clients, Villa Del Lago, sent through this beautiful… Read more »

jigsaw pieces standing up | onsite management | HiRUM

Why Onsite Management Wins Hands Down

By 22/10/2013

Why Onsite Management Works Better For Lot Owners? Without a doubt, onsite management has  a substantial advantage over property management… Read more »

Hotham Holidays

By 02/10/2013

No doubt about it, here at HiRUM we are enjoying the stunning Gold Coast weather.  But it is very difficult not to… Read more »

Congratulations to Beachfront Apartments and Vue Apartments Trinity Beach

By 01/08/2013

Trinity Beach does it again with three properties being ranked in the top nine accommodation houses in Australia in the… Read more »

HiRUM Software

By 02/07/2012

An interesting trend is emerging which will surprise many Property Managers. Over the past two years direct to property online… Read more »

functions of a property management system | HiRUM

Why more people choose HiRUM than any other product.

By 02/07/2010

…..Even better, the Hirum total solution allows you to increase your owners return by 8%, now wouldn’t that put a smile on their faces!