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Why settle for the cloud, when the Sky’s the limit!

By 21/12/2016

Many software vendors are touting Cloud as being ‘the be all and end all’ for doing business. At HiRUM though… Read more »

HiSCAN streamlining your operations

How HiSCAN can bring efficiencies to your office

By 18/11/2016

Tired of having mountains of receipts and documents laying around your office, taking up precious real estate? Or having to… Read more »

Your Money or Your Data: What Is Ransomware?

By 11/04/2016

Ransomware is one of the bluntest and most malicious forms of computer virus. It shoves itself unavoidably right in your… Read more »

Why your hotel needs a mobile friendly website

By 07/04/2016

In today’s accommodation industry, implementing a mobile-friendly website is essential as the way your guests book online is changing rapidly…. Read more »

HiRUM at the Expedia Partner Hackathon in Las Vegas!

By 01/12/2015

Good luck to John and Brett who are travelling to the United States today. Our team will be competing in… Read more »

Does your PMS provider go the extra mile?

By 29/10/2013

What do you get for your money from your Property management Software provider? Your job can be stressful, right? And… Read more »

Is Your Booking Form Mobile Ready?

By 02/09/2013

Mobile devices – the way of the future for the accommodation business Consumer habits are changing, with the advent of… Read more »

New Accommodation Scam Comes To Light In WA

By 01/08/2013

It appears that Accommodation providers in Western Australia are being targeted by scammers, who are using stolen credit cards to… Read more »

Ever wondered why ‘Property Management software’ was created?

By 30/04/2012

Property Management systems have been widely used for many types of businesses over the years – real estate, manufacturing, government… Read more »

Google brings the World to Travellers

By 30/01/2012

  How often have you heard the term ‘Google it’ ? meaning to search on the Internet browser ‘Google’ for… Read more »

Social Media – What is it and should you use it?

By 12/07/2010

Social Media is the newest way to communicate your thoughts, ideas, concerns, purchases, plans, or just about anything really. Facebook added 100 Million users in less than 9 months! There are over 200,000,000 Blogs!

Why more people choose HiRUM than any other product.

By 02/07/2010

…..Even better, the Hirum total solution allows you to increase your owners return by 8%, now wouldn’t that put a smile on their faces!

Buying Management Rights? What about your Domain Name & Website?

By 30/06/2010

The most difficult time is when a hotel or resort changes hands but no reference is made in the contract of sale as to the ownership of the Website and the domain name. The reason behind this is often quite alarming, the sellers simply don’t know and the buyers simply don’t know to ask!