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What Exactly Is Trust Accounting Anyway?

By 08/03/2024

Navigating the world of Trust Accounting can be tricky, but fear not – we’re here to break it down for… Read more »

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Miscellaneous Debits & Credits

By 15/11/2022

From time to time there is a need to record a miscellaneous debit/credit for the occasions when there is an… Read more »

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How To Start A Property Management Business

By 03/11/2022

Property management has become a hugely attractive proposition for many people in recent years, particularly since the pandemic altered both… Read more »

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Preparing For End Of Month

By 25/10/2022

End of month does not need to be a task you spend the rest of the month dreading. There is… Read more »

Keep Calm and Plan Your Seasons

Time To Get Organised – Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

By 11/01/2018

Time To Get Organised – Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet! When planning your year ahead, look at your busy… Read more »

Add a creditor in HiRUM

By 04/05/2016

https://www.hirum.com.au/blog/tip-of-the-week-setting-up-a-group-code/The following tutorial will assist when you want to add a creditor in HiRUM. Select the Creditors icon, and click… Read more »

Setting up an Agent Account

By 15/04/2016

The following tutorial will assist you if you want to set up an agent account in HiRUM. To add a… Read more »

Exporting availability

By 05/04/2016

This week, our Tip of the Week will assist if you need to export availability from HiRUM to HiSITE. When… Read more »

Hold Owners Funds in HiRUM

By 24/03/2016

The following tutorial will assist if you need to hold funds for one of your owners. You may come across… Read more »

Draw managers funds prior to EOM

By 14/03/2016

The following tutorial will assist if you need to draw against managers funds prior to the End of Month. Prior… Read more »

Load set prices

By 24/02/2016

This weeks Tip of the Week will assist when you want to load set prices on group revenue codes. Follow… Read more »

Manage inclusions with HiSITE Channel Manager

By 23/12/2015

Our Tip of the Week will assist if you wish to manage inclusions with HiSITE Channel Manager. The following is… Read more »

Setting up a Group Code

By 15/12/2015

Follow the steps below to set up a new Group Code. Click on to the Groups icon, select the insert… Read more »

Removing an Agent Rebate in HiRUM

By 01/12/2015

The following will assist if you want to remove an Agent Rebate in HiRUM. To find out which amount of… Read more »

Changing ownership in HiRUM

By 24/11/2015

If you need to change ownership of a unit, follow the steps below: Click on your Units icon and highlight… Read more »

Processing an Owners Early Payment

By 18/11/2015

The following tutorial will assist you if you need to give an owner an early payment. If you are required… Read more »

Adding a new channel in HiSITE Channel Manager

By 10/11/2015

In HiSITE, when a property is connected to a Channel it means that it is automatically updated as you make… Read more »

Finding a deleted message on the Monthly Summary Report

By 02/11/2015

During the End of Month process you will need to view your Monthly Summary Report. When you exit the report… Read more »

Fixing an error on the Banking Register

By 20/10/2015

Prior to fixing the error go and get the original Cashbook that was printed on the day that is showing… Read more »

Troubleshooting When You Can’t Check-In a Guest

By 15/10/2015

If you can’t check a guest in because HiRUM says a booking is already in the unit, firstly check that… Read more »