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Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions -05/11/2013

Check your Holiday Rates To Take Advantage Of Peak Season Bookings

HiSITE Channel Manager clients….It’s November already…. bookings for the holiday period over December and January are well underway, with prospective holiday makers seriously considering their options for Christmas vacations.  If you haven’t already done so, NOW is the time to make sure your rates are accurate and market appropriate over this peak period to ensure that you maximise your owner’s returns and your income over the busy holiday season.

HiSITE Channel manager users in particular, should ensure that their pricing is spot on over the holiday period, and that the correct details are uploaded to the last minute accommodation sites. Check also  that minimum stay periods are accurate.  For instance, don’t offer single night rates over December and January if you have a 7 night minimum during holiday season.

We have done a quick check of our clients rates, and many still don’t appear to have the correct rates in the system.

Please take the opportunity to check this, before you are faced with honoring a rate which is far too low by market standards, and doesn’t do you, the property, or your owners, justice.

If you require assistance with making these changes, please log in to our eLearning centre here.  We have help sheets in the “Tariffs” area which will assist you with setting up seasons and appropriate rates if your system is set up to pull your rates from HiRUM, your property management software.  If your system uses the HiSITE rates, you will need to make the changes within HiSITE.

If you are a support client and can’t find what you need in our eLearning Centre, you can log a support ticket for assistance.  A representative of HiRUM, your property management system specialist, will call you back.

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Agoda Private Sale Option

If you are an Agoda customer and have subscribed to the Private Sale Option, please read the following carefully. In the HiSITE Channel Manager website, you will notice a new room type has appeared (Agoda Private Sale) for each of your room types. This means that you must now create a new room type for the Agoda Private Sale option and pool the two rooms together so that Inventory remains correct.

HiSITE Steps:

1.  Log in to HiSITE and choose the property to maintain.

2.  Go to Settings, Channels and click on Edit against Agoda YCS4 to see the room types being used by Agoda Private Sale – they will appear as “Not in Use”

3.  Create a new Room Type for the Agoda Private Sale for the Room Type that you want to map. We suggest you use the existing room type and append (APS) to it. E.g. if you have “1 Bedroom Deluxe”, create a new room type named “1        Bedroom Deluxe (APS)”

4.  If your rooms are not already pooled, then create a new Room Pool.

5.  Add both the room types to the pool.

6.  Ensure the applicable rates and stop sells are in place for the next 12+ months on the Inventory grid for this new room type.

7.  Edit the Agoda YCS4 channel and map the Agoda Room Type to your new Room Type.

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