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Using Check-In? They’re now known as Jetmax!

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 30/06/2015

The agent formerly known as Check-In has recently been sold, and is now known as Jetmax. If your property is using this channel you will need to update both HiRUM Front Desk and HiSITE Channel Manager to reflect the name change.


To update the agent in HiRUM Front Desk:

If you haven’t done so already, a new agent will need to be inserted into HiRUM called JETMAX.

Go to the agent icon in the top row click on insert, give the agent a code, description, and complete the personal details for the agent. There is the option to preset the marketing fields so that they
automatically complete on the guest booking when the agent is selected. If you are going to email your statements to the agent, tick the box and type in the email address.

Click on commission: If you are not giving the agent commission or if you load net rates then complete as shown below:

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If the guest pays you direct and you send a commission payable to the agent then complete as shown below:

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If you load the gross rate and invoice the agent for the nett, then complete as shown below:


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To update the agent in HiSITE Channel Manager:


Once you have inserted a new agent in HiRUM Front Desk, you will then need to insert the agent code used for JETMAX into HiSITE so all new bookings drop into the correct agent in HiRUM. The steps for this are demonstrated with screenshots below:


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Kind regards,

HiRUM Software Solutions’ Support Team


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