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Chinese Tourism – are your ready for it?

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions -22/07/2010

I’v noticed an increase of information on radio news stories and Newspaper articles on ‘China’ recently. Tourism, Language, World News etc always attract my attention, so I thought it wise to find out a little more about the Chinese market and how it could affect Australian tourism.

I discovered some great articles which I would like to share with you.

China is forecast to become Australia’s largest inbound tourism.

As you will read, this article talks about the forecast rise in tourists to our shores and some interesting statistics from Qantas and alike:

‘General Manager of Qantas Airways in China, Nick McGlynn said the Chinese tourism market is predicted to continue to grow over the next 20 years.

“By 2013 Australia expects to welcome one million Chinese visitors a year, making China the single largest tourism market for Australia,” Mr McGlynn said.’

For all of us calling Australia home, planning our Marketing strategies and ideas, understanding how our business’ can benefit from this information is paramount.  The first thing that comes to my mind is getting exposure. Exposing your property on Channels like:

  • Agoda
  • Expedia and
  • Orbitz

These Channels will open your share to this market and give your property visibility to the Asian and worldwide markets. Using your Channel Manager, you can add these Channels at any point and although there is a higher rate of commission paid on these Channels, (forward planning of rates can adjust for this) the fact that you are opening the door to many more visitors to your property details and your own property website, will make this higher commission really worth it. Want more help? Add your comment and I will contact you.

Another point of interest to me was a story on the Chinese learning English. China is introducing English into its curriculum as part of a nation wide campaign. Apparently this is due to become widespread throughout China by 2012 and will be taught within primary schools as a standard part of the curriculum. So the barriers are reducing and the opportunities are growing for both China and Australia.

‘The economic progress China has made over the past decades makes it possible for us to enter into WTO (the World Trade Organization) and the successful bid for Olympic Games in the year of 2008. English is becoming the most popular foreign language in modern China. It is estimated that the number of people studying English in China is much larger than that of all native speakers around the world. The spring of English has arrived in China.’

Tourism Australia always have great articles about current events. See: ‘Tourism Australia announces partnership with China Southern Airlines’.

To close; Keeping one step ahead of the game is so important for growth and sustainability in this industry and anything you can do to build your online growth is worth considering.

News flash overnight: Facebook is now used by over 500 Million people.

Check out our other blog posts on Chinese cultural requirements and the opportunities for capitalise on the rise of the chinses tourist.

H Nicholls, HiRUM

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