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Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 18/04/2017

Reach The World’s Largest Market!

We were very excited last month when we announced our partnership with Ctrip. Since then, some of our valued HiSITE customers have been asking how to connect their account, so we thought we’d lay out the steps for you. If you have a Ctrip account, you can now map your property, opening up direct yielding opportunities to China’s largest OTA.

To activate and map your property’s rooms, simply follow the steps outlined below. Alternatively, if you would like us to do this for you, send us an email at operations@hirum.com.au.

1. Set up your Ctrip account

If you don’t already have an existing account with Ctrip, you will first need to register your property through their website: http://hotels.ctrip.com/international/HotelAffiliationRegister.aspx.

Once you’ve submitted this form, Ctrip’s marketing team will get in touch with you to finalise the contract. They will then create your property in Ctrip’s system and send through your property’s ID number. All room types (promotions) will be created by Ctrip’s marketing team, and you will simply need to advise them once you’ve finished mapping your rooms, before they will activate your property on the Ctrip website.

2. Connect your rooms in HiSITE

Once your Ctrip account is set-up, go to HiSITE and click on Settings, then select the “Channels” icon, scroll down to Ctrip and under the “Cog” wheel select “Activate”. Simply enter your property ID into the channel configuration window as shown below. The username and password are not required, however, you can store them here if you wish. Now scroll down and map your room types as the packages listed on Ctrip. Remember to ‘Save’ at the bottom to ensure the connection is activated.

If you are still unsure, we have a help sheet available here that further explains how to map channels in HiSITE.

NOTE: In your Ctrip extranet, you can switch the page to be viewed in English as shown below.

If you have any issues in organising a Ctrip account, you can contact their support team on support.overseas@Ctrip.com. If you have any HiSITE related queries, feel free to give our support team a call on (07) 5574 4990 or log a job via Service Desk.

If you would like to enquire about any additional HiRUM products or services, complete the form below and one of our friendly staff will contact you shortly.

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