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Contractor Marketing …. Are you aware of all the facts?

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 23/04/2019
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With the growth in social media and the need to market your business using Blogs and Newsletters we have seen an increase in Contractor Marketing service companies offering to undertake these services for you. Marketing companies can offer you excellent services which can give you time to concentrate on the day to day running of your property. For the Resort or Property owner however, there are specific areas of contracting a Marketing Company you should understand prior to entering into such contracts.

Many Managers also aren’t aware that their HiRUM Property Management Software gives them unique hospitality marketing tools built into their business software.

In building our Property Management Software, HiRUM specifically integrated these unique Marketing tools to protect the Intellectual Property of a client’s’ business. The information pertaining to each past and present guest adds to the core value of an Accommodation business. The extensive list of past guests; their full name, email address, phone number etc allows the Resort owner/manager access to sensitive data generally worth hundreds of dollars to purchase as a mailing list. Each time a registration form is completed the guest is sharing their sensitive information with the Hotel or Resort owner and unless otherwise stated, this data is entrusted to that Hotel or Resort only.

To engage a Contractor Marketing Company requires thought and a duty of care to your past and present in-house guests. A Non-Disclosure agreement is crucial to both parties in protecting this sensitive information and preventing its abuse.  Similarly Marketing companies should encompass this NDA approach as part of their contract with any client. The Australian Data Protection Act “Privacy Acts” are data protection laws which regulate the collection, use and disclosure of personal information about individuals. By sharing this information with a third party you must also consider your guests’ legal right to not allow this information to be shared.

With HIRUM’s inbuilt marketing tools it is generally unnecessary to risk exposing yourself and your business data to third parties. We also offer a number of dedicated marketing services that can help minimise these risks even further and save you time and money engaging external companies to do this for you. From helping you with Google Hotel Ads to creating a beautiful, effective website for your property, we’ve got you covered! HiRUM’s Marketing Reach program can also help you take care of those all important Google My Business listings and Google reviews as well as your Facebook profiles.

Call HiRUM now or complete the form below to discuss how you can save money and create a marketing campaign with the simple tools already at your fingertips.

This post was originally published on 16th April 2012 and updated on 23rd April 2019.

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