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Unlocking the benefits: What does it mean to be an Expedia Preferred Connectivity Partner?

Posted by HiRUM - 07/12/2023
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HiRUM’s channel manager, HiSITE, is proud to be continually recognised as an Expedia preferred partner. Whilst this is high praise, what does this actually mean and how will it benefit you as a property manager?

In the fast-paced world of the hospitality industry, connectivity is key. As you would know, channel managers play a vital role in assisting hotel and vacation rental managers to efficiently distribute inventory across various online travel agencies (OTA’S). Of all the OTA’s available, Expedia Group stands tall as one of the most influential.

Securing the exclusive Expedia Preferred Connectivity Partner status is a testament to the proficiency and aptitude of HiSITE Channel Manager. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that we have achieved this status consecutively for the past three years.

Our status as an Expedia Preferred Connectivity Partner unlocks a myriad of benefits through the platform for both channel managers and property managers alike.

Let’s discover how the power of our partnership with Expedia can elevate your business, bringing you increased occupancy and greater profitability.

What is the Expedia Group Preferred Connectivity Partner program?

Expedia recognises and celebrates partners for maintaining a top-notch connection to the Expedia travel platform. Although this program has only been running for 3 years, it is a distinguished status which recognises advanced and reliable distribution platforms such as HiSITE Channel Manager.

There are a number of criteria Expedia looks at when considering a partner’s eligibility for this status. Potential partners are rated on their ability to:
1. Provide an extensive array of integrated tools and capabilities.
2. Provide quality and reliable connections.
3. Enhance the traveller experience.
4. Enable growth for their customers within the platform.

What are the perks of HiSITE’s preferred partnership?

Preferred Connectivity Partners benefit from working directly with Expedia Leaders. As a preferred partner, we are encouraged and expected to provide ongoing feedback and to assist with shaping future products based on customer needs.

How does this benefit you and your property?

As a result of our preferred status with Expedia, HiSITE receives early access to new tools and features released by them, which are then rolled out to our connected properties. This provides you, as a property manager, with many additional functions directly from your channel manager, often saving you time and giving you the edge over your competitors. Some of the most recent features we have been able to provide based on this preferred partner status include Mobile Promotions, Refundable Rates, and Review Management, all of which are managed directly through HiSITE.

Being an Expedia Preferred Connectivity Partner brings a host of other advantages to HiSITE, which flow through to benefit our connected properties and property managers. By leveraging these benefits, you can efficiently manage your listings, attract more guests, and establish yourselves as trusted players in the ever-evolving OTA game.


If you’re interested in learning more about how HiSITE Channel Manager can look after your property distribution, contact us today.


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