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Extra Dollars In Your Pocket With Private Cloud

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 20/07/2021

I’m certain every savvy business owner is constantly on the lookout for ways to save costs in their business but without increasing their risks or losing productivity.

Most hear that moving to the “Cloud’ is the answer, without fully understanding what Cloud truly is. Many don’t understand what it really brings to their business and how Clouds themselves vary dramatically, in the same way, real clouds do.

It’s time to demystify the Cloud and highlight the only safe Cloud solution you can introduce to your business – Private Cloud

Cloud is simply a term used to indicate that the software you use lives somewhere other than on a computer in your office. Essentially it lives on someone else’s computer, in a Data Centre, somewhere in the world. This computer may in turn be managed by a completely different Company to the Company you have engaged to provide the relevant product and services.

This means you really don’t know where your critical business data lives, who looks after it, who keeps it secure and who could possibly gain access to it without your knowledge.

Private Cloud eliminates all of this uncertainty and enables you to benefit from the cost savings Private Cloud brings, whilst providing an even higher level of security over any other Cloud solution on the market today.

Moving to a Private Cloud reduces most of the technical cost of having efficient hardware in your office to run your daily operations. It is fully maintained by the vendor, who also takes care of all the maintenance for you. They install the latest critical software updates, include the best anti-virus on the market, implement firewalls for you as an extra line of defence and ensure your back-ups are completed daily. They also provide a secure connection for you to access your data and system from any device, anywhere, whenever you need to.

For business owners the benefits of moving to a Private Cloud are immeasurable. Operating as if everything is on-site wherever you are, whilst having access to the best IT professionals whose core business is data protection, is invaluable, especially to those in the hospitality industry.  

Knowing someone else is looking after all the security needed to keep your PC clean from viruses and malware, ensures that all backups are also protected to a completely different level. Sleepless nights become a thing of the past and the high-ticket cost when your own computer decides to have a melt-down disappears forever.

The actual dollar savings are also substantial. On-premise computing can cost as much as $3,000 per year, per user, whereas Private Cloud should cost approximately one-third of this; improving the bottom line of your business whilst improving the end solution.

It’s important not to confuse Private Cloud with self-promoted Cloud or Browser based software solutions, especially in the hospitality space. These should be avoided at all costs as they in essence place your data in a giant cloud along with many other customers. Your data shares space with other businesses, increasing the attractiveness to online hackers and phishers. Especially if you are tied into one specific browser such as Google Cloud is just one example. If you engage with a solution that has no choice of where it can reside, essentially you are reliant on that platform operating as expected. If it goes down for any reason, then you have nowhere to turn until it comes back online, rather like a power cut to your electricity supply. In the meantime, customer service suffers, as does your business, through no fault of your own.

Private Cloud ensures business continuity no matter what, priceless for any business and the only option if you truly want to reduce your costs whilst simultaneously improving your security, operations and business mobility.

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