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Guidelines From the OFT With Respect To Schoolies

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 11/11/2013

The office of Fair Trading has issued some guidelines with respect to booking accommodation to ‘schoolies’ groups this year.These guidelines were published in their November Smart Business Bulletin, and are reproduced by HiRUM Property Management Software below;

Fair Trading advice for Schoolies accommodation providers

During special events, such as Schoolies, it’s important to remember to treat all your guests in the same way. Any rule or condition that you plan to impose during special events must be one that applies to all guests. For example, you can only impose noise restrictions and charge Schoolies a bond if this will apply to all tenants at your property.

If you plan to take bookings during Schoolies, OFT recommends that you:

  • Clearly outline your house rules and terms and conditions (including any regarding room inspections and balcony access), when you first take an enquiry from a potential guest. Include any cancellation fees or charges in your booking terms and conditions.
  • Provide third-party booking agencies with a copy of your correct, current house rules and terms and conditions, and confirm these are forwarded to potential guests they may book.
  • Ensure the house rules do not have the potential to result in harsh or unfair consequences for guests. Have written eviction guidelines for use if the safety of other guests or property damage is an issue. Issue a warning before eviction if possible.
  • Each apartment building needs to have an accessible complaint-handling and dispute-resolution process guide available for tenants. This is required under the Code of Conduct for Resident Letting Agents under the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act 2000.

Hiring security guards

If you are considering hiring or employing security guards and/or crowd controllers during Schoolies, OFT suggests:

  • The option is discussed and agreed to by the body corporate committee, especially the issue of how the cost of any extra security will be covered.
  • The security firm and individual officers are licensed appropriately. You can check a security providers licence on the OFT website.
  • You have clearly established the role of the security officers and/or crowd controllers in both protecting the property and dealing with guests.
  • All security guards and/or crowd controllers should be briefed on the house rules, complaint handling and eviction procedures.

The OFT website has further information on the security industry and legal requirements during special events. 

* reproduced from the Office Fair Trading, Smart Business Bulletin, November issue, by HiRUM Property management Software

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