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HiRUM How-To Videos Now Available!

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 18/05/2015

Our new HiRUM How-To Videos demonstrate each of our support help articles in action!  Watch the process and be guided through each step. We will be adding new videos regularly. Videos are available on the following platforms:




Our Youtube channel is the easiest way to browse all available videos. Remember to subscribe and receive notifications when new demonstrations are added!



eLearning Centre

Our eLearning centre is filled with support documents for all of our software to make your HiRUM experience easier.



HiRUM/HiSITE Service Desk

Our HiRUM/HiSITE Support Desk is the easiest way to send support tickets. As you type, Service Desk will search for relevant support documents to help with your issue – before even submitting a request!

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