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Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 16/04/2015

We are proud to introduce a new and exciting way for our properties to submit support requests for HiRUM Front Desk and HiSITE Channel Manager. Asking for help is easier than ever with HiRUM/HiSITE Service Desk.

We are confident that our new Service Desk will improve your customer service experience. When submitting a request for assistance the HiRUM/HiSITE Service Desk will suggest articles and solutions that may be suited to your query. If none of the recommendations apply, your request can be logged and a member of our team will promptly reply.


Need assistance? Submit a request to HiRUM/HiSITE Service Desk


A support agent will promptly respond to your query within Service Desk


Your issue is resolved! Easily manage multiple requests and view history




What To Expect

We are currently sending batch invitations to our clients to join HiRUM/HiSITE Service Desk. Your invitation will contain a username, temporary password and detailed instructions explaining how to log in. Each property will have one account name and email address. Your property will then submit all support requests through our Service Desk.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be invited to use HiRUM/HiSITE Service Desk?
Properties are being invited to join Service Desk in batches. This process will be completed over the coming months.

I’ve received an invitation to use HiRUM/HiSITE Service Desk. How do I now seek support?
Simply login to Service Desk with your username and password provided. Any requests will need to be created in Service Desk before our team can assist.


Ready to get started? Visit the new HiRUM/HiSITE Service Desk! 




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