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Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 02/07/2012

An interesting trend is emerging which will surprise many Property Managers. Over the past two years direct to property online reservations for properties using the HiRUM suite of products have grown by more than 400%!

In the meantime third party Internet bookings have dropped by almost 60%. Much of this has come about by the smart Online Reservation Software developed by HiRUM Property Management Software in conjunction with its HiSITE Channel Manager. Client confidence in online shopping has increased resulting in users booking direct with resorts in the hope of saving money. Having a smart online reservation tool on your own website allows you to retain the visitor and up-sell in a way not possible on third party connections. Whilst a good many bookings still flow from third party Internet distribution channels, HiRUM Property Managers are finding they are earning more money from direct bookings than ever before.  A recent comparison clearly identified that whilst a prominent distribution channel provided 36% of bookings to a property compared to 26% of direct to website bookings, the dollars and lead time from the direct bookings far outweighed the income from the channel. Factor in the commission the third party will earn and the difference is astounding.

This should encourage managers to put the best Online Reservation Software on their website, preferably one that is an extension of their own Property Management Software, rather than a third party add on. This is the only way to get true real time availability and flexibility in the way HiRUM Property Management Software users do.  In addition, HiRUM Managers have finally found a way to sell Hotel Accommodation further out in time at more realistic prices, giving them the edge over other Hotel Accommodation providers in their area.

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