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Tip of the Week: HiSITE booking has not dropped into HiRUM

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 02/09/2015

Q: I received a booking email from HiSITE Channel Manager, but it has not dropped into HiRUM Front Desk. What should I do?

A: There’s a simple process to solve this problem:

Reboot the computer that the HiRUM server is installed on and this will restart any services that might have stopped. The booking icon should start flashing after a few minutes.
If not, go to your server computer, click on Windows ‘Start’ button and search for services.msc, Click on Services, scroll through to find HirumHTPSvc and this will show you if it’s running.

If the services have stopped, click on ‘Start’.

If it shows that the services are running, click on ‘Stop’ and then ‘Start’.

If still no flashing pole after a few minutes, the problem is likely the result of a corrupt file that needs to be fixed. Please log an urgent job with our HiRUM Support Team and we can assist.




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