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New HiSITE Channel Connection: Hostelworld

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 23/07/2015

You can now connect your property to Hostelworld using HiSITE Channel Manager!

This channel is not just for Hostels. A large number of properties that are 3.5 star and below often feature well and attract budget travellers.

By listing your property on Hostelworld.com you will avail of the expertise they have gathered since 1999 to become the world’s leading reservations provider to the budget accommodation sector. The numerous benefits include their extensive affiliate network of 3,500 global affiliate partners including Lonely Planet and Travellers point.


Why list your property with Hostelworld.com?

  • No signup fees – it’s free to join
  • One of the lowest commission rates in the industry
  • Optimised search engine exposure – at no additional cost
  • Opportunity to be featured on their sister sites such including Bedandbreakfastworld.com and Hostels.com
  • User friendly inventory management through your own personalised extranet which is accessible by you at all times
  • Dedicated support from their multilingual property support team
  • Communicate with a global audience – their website is available in 24 languages
  • Receive bookings through their mobile website and iPhone & smartphone apps
  • No Invoicing, guests pay directly to you upon their arrival.


To join Hostelworld visit their sign up page.

If you have any questions about the site please contact Sammy at Hostelworld –

Telephone: +61 2 9993 1035

Email: Samantha.Pearse-Marmont@hostelworld.com


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