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The Benefits Of Listing Your Property On HotelsCombined Via Revato

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 19/10/2015
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Independently owned HotelsCombined brings you Revato, it’s Book Direct Platform. Property managers can connect and have your direct rates visible for bookers to compare on hotelscombined.com as well as its extensive network of global affiliates across desktop, mobile and tablet.

At HotelsCombined they know that booking accommodation online isn’t easy, but believe it should be. Having to trawl through a hundred websites looking at a thousand ‘deals’ can be overwhelming and complicated. At the end of the day, you just want to know you’ve booked the hotel that’s right for you – at the best possible price. HotelsCombined saw the opportunity to do something about this.

In addition to your own property pricing, potential bookers are easily able to compare your property’s direct price against online travel agents, providing a handy time saving tool for the traveller. You too can easily see a snapshot of whether your online partners are sticking to the agreements they have with you regarding pricing levels.

Listing on HotelsCombined.com via the Revato Book Direct platform allows you to capture bookings from global markets you wouldn’t otherwise have access to – a valuable add-on in light of the current strong exchange rate for most travellers to Australia.

Bookers choosing the book with property link shown on your property’s HotelsCombined listing are able to deal directly with you for any reservation queries after booking. This has the tendency to result in a better overall booking experience for the consumer, whilst offering you the opportunity to upsell and liaise with your guest prior to arrival. HotelsCombined truly puts you in control of the booker relationship from the very beginning.

The professionalism of the HotelsCombined team based in Australia is second to none, which is why we feel they will be a great direct to property partner for your business.

HiRUM are also able to connect you to the power of HotelsCombined through Hi-SITE Channel Manager. In fact, HiRUM has teamed with the 3 leading META brands that meet our strict criteria of proven results. All of these providers offer the opportunity of providing direct to property business at a lower cost than traditional OTA’s, allowing you to own the client relationship from the outset whilst saving money in your business.

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