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How To Set Up A Google Hotels List Feed

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 16/02/2022

Do you want to reach more potential guests who are ready to book their accommodation and already browsing suitable properties and dates? Whether you are running a large hotel with 500 rooms or a small boutique property, Google Hotels (previously known as Google Hotel Finder) is one of the most effective marketing channels for property owners. So how do you set up a Google hotel list feed? Read on and we’ll explain how it works.

How Does Google Hotel Ads Work?

Google Hotels is a metasearch engine that collates accommodation search results from a variety of sources. When a traveller is looking for accommodation either in Google search or maps, an aggregated list is displayed to facilitate their choice.

Using a PPC model, the paid results for Google Hotels show at the top of the search. There are a couple of important points to be aware of:  OTA’s will display your rates, availability and room types in these paid search results, with the option to book through them.

You do, however, have the option of sending a customer directly to your website to book or allowing them to book on Google. However, your website direct booking link will ONLY be displayed in these paid ad results if you have a connectivity partner such as HiRUM to connect to Google Hotels.

It’s not just hotels that can benefit from this channel. B&Bs, holiday homes and vacation rentals can also be listed.

Setting Up A Google Hotel List Feed

Many property owners are initially put off adopting this channel because the setup can be a little complex. For this reason Google recommends using one of its select network of integration partners to help you get started.

A Google Hotel list feed relies on 3 main pieces of data:

  • The property listing
  • The price and availability
  • The point of sale (where users are directed after clicking a link)

The property listing feed is an XML file that contains details of all the properties that you wish to have listed including name, address and phone number.

Give yourself the best chance to compete with the OTAs by providing Google with as much relevant information as possible. Add lots of high-quality photos of your property, and ensure that the description and amenities on your Google My Business page are up to date and accurate. In addition, it’s even more important to monitor and respond to guest reviews as these are prominently displayed in Google Hotels.

Why You Should Include Google Hotels

When it comes to increasing your reach and potential to drive new bookings online, you should definitely consider Google Hotels as it offers the opportunity for travellers to book directly with you. You capture and own the guest data for remarketing purposes. Shortening the path to a direct booking makes metasearch advertising an irresistible proposition when it comes to your marketing budget. It’s a seamless process and conversion is high.

Not only that but if your guest books direct with you, you save OTA commission fees and you retain ownership of your guest’s data for remarketing purposes. You also reduce the chance of your potential guest being exposed to your competitors product, as they are when booking through an OTA, and losing the booking altogether.

How To Get Started

Google has partnered with a select network of integration partners across the globe to provide direct hotel connectivity to Google Hotels. HiRUM is proud to be one of the partners chosen by Google, enabling us to list your property directly on this powerful platform.

We also create Risk Free Google Hotels campaigns on your behalf, ensuring your property lists higher than other properties in your area within the Google search. Get in touch to find out how we can help you get started with Google Hotels, email sales@hirum.com.au or call (07) 5574 4990.


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