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Important Information Regarding Expedia

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions -20/02/2015

EXPEDIA Connectivity Update
Further to our recent difficulties with the changes being made by Expedia as they fold the WOTIF platform into their technology, we are pleased to announce that their technical team are currently addressing our concerns. Senior management within Expedia are assisting in resolving the problems at the highest levels and we are hopeful that over the coming days all issues with connectivity, room mappings and availability will be resolved. We will keep you posted as progress is made.



Over the past 10 days it would appear that Expedia have taken it upon themselves to randomly delete room types from your inventory on their channel, and then recreating them again for some reason.

They are then sending emails advising you to remap all your rooms in order for your inventory to be updated and displayed correctly. This involves logging into HiSITE, deleting the old links in the channels section to release the HiSITE rooms from the old mappings and then remapping the rooms in question.

Unfortunately even though our clients are spending a copious amount of time adhering to the instructions provided by Expedia, the actions of Expedia are repeated a few days later.

So in essence clients are remapping all of their room types, only to have to repeat the exercise again and again for what appears to be no good reason other than to correct Expedia’s own errors.

Many clients are receiving the second and third emails and are ignoring these as they automatically assume they are simply a repeat of the initial email they received which they had subsequently addressed.

We have attempted to raise awareness of this problem with Expedia but to date they are not showing any consideration regarding the impact their actions are having on your business.

Your Risk:

If a room type is not correctly mapped, bookings passed through cannot be identified as belonging to the correct inventory and therefore your availability for other channels will not be automatically reduced. Many clients are reporting overbookings in peak periods due to this and Expedia are unwilling to acknowledge responsibility even though it was them that had sold rooms within packages they had created without your consent.

Our Recommendation:

We strongly suggest you push a STOP SELL out to all your inventory for Expedia, then disable the connection in HiSite, until such time as they give you a written guarantee that they will not change your room types without your prior permission and until you have had the opportunity to adjust the information within your account.

Whilst Expedia are copying us in to the emails sent to you, we will not be addressing or modifying any room mappings within your account. All changes must be made by yourself as we cannot place ourselves in a position of liability in relation to the distribution of your inventory. Some clients are now making these changes for the third time within a matter of days which is causing a huge drain on their own business resources. Attached to this circular are the details of what you need to do should you receive emails from Expedia in relation to room mapping concerns.


To complete a Stop Sell to Expedia

  1. Log into HiSITE
  2. Go to your Inventory Grid and from the Grid Options, select your Expedia channel then update Selectionexpedia 1
  3. Find attached help sheet on how to apply a Stop Sell.
  4. Once you have done this, wait about 30mins then go and disable the channel
  5. Click on settings
  6. Click on Channels
  7. Scroll down to the Expedia connection, Under Options select the wheel icon
  8. ONLY click on Disable, which means no further inventory will be uploaded to Expedia.
expedia 2

If you wish to stay connected to Expedia and you receive an email instructing you to update the property compensation setting in HiSITE. We suggest you check your Expedia connection in HiSITE to make sure that rooms are correctly mapped to avoid any non-processed booking alerts.

If you are faced with this scenario please click on the ‘DELETE THIS MAPPING’ link to un-map the old rate plans. Immediately after deleting the old rates you will need to map the new rate plans to your HiSITE rooms to ensure that Expedia is once again in synchronisation with HiSITE.

In some cases a specific crossover date is mentioned in the email so please ensure the mappings are checked on the date in question.

If you have any queries regarding the new rate plan changes please contact your Expedia account manager for full details.


To check your Expedia ETP rates please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log onto HiSITE.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on the Channels
  4. Scroll down to Expedia ETP and click on the wheel icon to the far right and click on edit from the top down menu
  5. This will now load up the Expedia ETP rate mapping screen.
  6. Click on “DELETE THIS MAPPING” on all rooms types
  7. Then re-map you rooms from the drop down menu under “Matching HiSITE Room” – attached help sheet on how to map your room types
expedia 3


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