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The Next Generation in Property Management Mobile Solutions: Vol. 4

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 29/11/2019
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Congratulations! You have made it to the fourth and final instalment in the Property Management Mobile App Solutions blog series. In this article, we will touch on the features and capabilities of the HiRUM Maintenance App, which has been designed to provide property managers with an easy-to-use solution for scheduling, managing and recording all maintenance related jobs throughout your property. As in the previous instalments, we will link up with HaRRY and observe as he discovers the advantages of using the HiRUM Maintenance App to complete his properties’ maintenance jobs.


If you are a property manager, you most likely have a current procedure in place for completing the maintenance jobs for your property. This procedure more often than not involves lots of paperwork, is quite tedious and takes a good amount of time out of your busy schedule to complete. You first create a checklist of the various maintenance jobs which must be completed, and look through your index book to contact the correct supplier for the job. Then, you schedule a day for them to complete the job and print out all necessary paperwork associated with the job. The maintenance person will then come in on the scheduled day and complete the assigned job, returning any completed paperwork to you once the job is done. Then you finish up the process by manually generating a report about the completed job, sending it out to the necessary person/s, and then file the report for your records. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a streamlined solution to complete this process efficiently using minimal resources?


Luckily, HiRUM has designed a solution for property managers to complete their maintenance jobs in a fast and efficient manner, all from one easy-to-access location, saving you time and making the piles of paperwork a thing of the past. Let’s take one final look into the life of HaRRY to see how his businesses are benefiting from utilising the HiRUM Maintenance Manager App.


It’s been a busy week for HaRRY. The first week of Schoolies has just ended and he has found himself with a long laundry list of maintenance jobs to complete at his properties. He recently downloaded HiRUM’s new Maintenance App and utilised its ‘on-the-go’ capabilities to quickly and efficiently walk through his properties with his mobile device, identifying and recording in real-time all the damaged items in need of maintenance.

He can then continue the process by transferring all his maintenance-related contacts he has on file into the app’s built-in supplier database. This way when he assigns jobs to a particular supplier, he can easily reach out to them to schedule a job straight from the app using his mobile device. Once he lodges his maintenance contacts, he then refers back to his checklist of jobs he recently recorded, which he has separated by property and unit number for efficient organisation. The app contains a simple and easy to read home screen, which summarises HaRRY’s maintenance job checklist onto one convenient digital page. The dashboard lists the total number of current jobs, and separates them out for HaRRY to show how many jobs have been completed, as well as how many are pending or have yet to be scheduled. The simple notification feature in the app will alert HaRRY to any upcoming maintenance jobs he has scheduled for a particular day or specified date range.

When the suppliers arrive to complete the maintenance, any necessary notes or details about the jobs can be recorded directly in the app so that HaRRY has detailed records for each job completed. And because HaRRY also uses HiRUM PMS, he can utilise the app even further by automatically syncing all completed jobs to his front desk. Then, from his HiRUM PMS, HaRRY can easily generate reports for each job and send them out to the necessary recipients. Even though the HiRUM Maintenance App has the ability to integrate with your HiRUM PMS, it can also easily be used independently to schedule, manage and record all maintenance related jobs.


With the utilisation of the HiRUM Maintenance Manager App, HaRRY has managed to complete his long list of maintenance jobs quickly and efficiently, just in time for the next wave of schoolies to arrive. He is very impressed with the ease of use of the app, and thankful that he now has a smart solution which saves him time and resources, keeps him well organised, and allows him to streamline the processes associated with completing his maintenance job checklist. This is what the next generation property management mobile app looks like, and what property managers like HaRRY can enjoy today – efficient, organised and effective mobile solutions for your property management needs.


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