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NEW HiSITE FEATURES NOW LIVE: Introducing Master Rates and Seasons

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 17/08/2016

We are excited to announce the launch of two new features on HiSITE- introducing Master Rates & Seasons.

The new Master Rates and Seasons features provide you with a quick and simple way to manage the rates on the HiSITE Inventory Grid based on rules you set, either around your seasons, your channels, or certain events.

Simply set your rules, add your rate and watch the Inventory Grid automatically update, saving you time on manual processes.

So, let’s take a sneak peek at each of these features and what it means for you:

Managing your Seasons

If you have distinct Seasons throughout the year, such as low/mid/high season, then HiSITE Seasons will save you both time and effort in updating your rates for these. Instead of entering each date range and entering the same rate multiple times, you will simply select your season instead of a date range.

  • To set this up in HiSITE, simply go to the Property Manager tab and select the ‘Seasons’ icon.
  • Enter a Season Name (e.g. Low season) and select the first date range the season needs to be applied to. Then Click ‘Add Range’.
    NB. You will only enter in the date ranges within the Seasons that have the same rates.
  • Future date ranges for this particular Season can now be added.
  • Inside the Control Panel – Select ‘Rate’ as the data you would like to copy and click on the little down arrow by Type: Select the appropriate Season for this date range and click on ‘Apply Changes’
  • The rates will be applied to all dates included in the selected Season.

Master Rates

The Master Rates feature is a quick and simple way to manage your rates on the HiSITE Inventory Grid. This allows a single Master Rate to be entered, and by linking the related room types to this Master, the rates for the linked room types are automatically calculated based on a specified percentage or flat rate modifier.

So what does this mean for you?

Master Rates help save you time on manual processes, allowing you to have rates update automatically based on rules you set.

For example – If you had 5 room types with 5 different nightly rates, rather than updating 25 different room rates you can simply update all rooms with the change to the 5 master rates. All slave rooms will then automatically populate, updating your Inventory Grid in real-time.

How does this work?

  • To set this up in your HiSITE, go to the Property Manager tab and click on the ‘Room Types’ icon.
    You will then be able to configure each slave room types with a modifier, Select either a Percentage or Flat rate or combination of the two

The rate of the Master Room can be changed on the Inventory Grid screen but the rates of the Slave rooms are not able to be changed.

These are automatically calculated based on the Master Room Type setup.



View Helpsheets

For a step by step guide on how to set-up Master Rates & Seasons, you can visit our eLearning portal or you can access these below:

Master Rates and Seasons – Hints and Tips (531.6 KB)

Seasons (365.9 KB)
If you have specific date ranges or seasons throughout the year, such as low/mid/high season, then HiSITE Seasons will save you time and effort when updating your rates.

Master Rates – Set-Up Option 1 (611.1 KB)
To create a brand new Master room type (create Master and Slaves)

Master Rates – Set-Up Option 2 (626.1 KB)
Select an existing room type to become a Master room type (Promote existing to Master and create new Slaves)

Master Rates – Set-Up Option 3 (437.4 KB)
Select an existing Room Pool to convert into a Master room type with Slave room types

If you would like dedicated training for your property on Master Rates & Seasons, please contact Natasha at natasha@hirum.com.au. Additional fees will apply.


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Important Reminder: Your HiSITE PCI password needs to be reset every 90 days


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