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Meet our new team member – Arlo Taggart

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 14/11/2017
Arlo Taggart

On the 10th September 2017 we had a new team member join our company. He is a little demanding but we are very fond of him. Meet Arlo Taggart AKA Baby Boss!

What is your role at HiRUM Software Solutions?
I ensure my mum, Sarah Taggart, caters to all my needs. She does a pretty good job I must say!

How long have you been at HiRUM?
9 weeks ago I joined the company and weighed 7.3 pounds, but I’m quickly packing the weight on.

What were you doing before HIRUM?
You could say I was in development.

What is your proudest moment at HiRUM?
Becoming the youngest team member, they call me Baby Boss!

What’s your #1 tip for HIRUM users?
I’m brand new, so still trying to work out my own role. But maybe if HiRUM clients wish to keep updated on HiRUM news between updates, they can connect with HiRUM on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
Drinking plenty of milk and being merry! Also, looking at my big sister Harper.

Favourite song?
Anything my mum sings me

Favourite food?
Milk for sure, by the gallon!

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
My executive assistant Sarah Taggart, AKA mum!

Where is the best place you’ve travelled to and why?
To HiRUM, they treat me so well and pander to my every need.

Tell us something that might surprise us about you.
I love my 3am energy boost, but not so sure my assistant is too keen on my hours of productivity.

Thanks for sharing Arlo, we have no doubt you will make an impact on HiRUM, just as you have had on your mum.

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