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Meet The Onboarding Team

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 10/10/2019
meet the onboarding team | HiRUM

Our HiRUM team is comprised of many different people in many different roles. Each of our departments is crucial to the way we do business, and the daily operations that help our clients receive the results they desire. Most of our staff come from working front line in the hospitality industry, so we know the needs and wants for successful operations that make property management life easier. This month we thought we would introduce you to our onboarding team.

HiRUM’s Onboarding Team was put in place to ensure all clients coming across to HiRUM feel comfortable using our software, get the proper training they need and have a dedicated support member to help them every step of the way. The 3-month onboarding program aims to alleviate some of the overwhelming stress that can come with a new property, a new career in management rights or changing software providers.

Lucinda (Onboarding Specialist) & Francois (Office & Client Service Manager) are our dynamic duo of our Onboarding team, dedicated to each and every new client of HiRUM. We thought it was time for everyone to see who they are and get to understand more of what they do on a daily!

How long have you been with HiRUM?

L: Around 14 years

F: I just celebrated my one-year anniversary with our wonderful HiRUM Family!

Tell me about your background – previous roles and the importance of them?

L: Most of my working life has been within the hospitality industry. I have worked in everything from Budget Rent A Car, Excursions Officer on cruise ships, VIP Concierge for the Regency Club and in 5 star hotels working with Management Rights!

When you work in many areas of a hotel it shows the importance of how everyone is like a cog in a wheel and each department has an input to get to the same outcome, Customer Satisfaction.

F: Working within the Hospitality industry for over 20 years, I have had the privilege of working in every department. I also obtained my Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management and Tourism which inspired me to gain as much knowledge within Hotel operations as I could.

I have worked in the some of the most iconic Resorts and International Hotel Chains on the Gold Coast, in both Hotel and Strata Management, such as; Assistant Manager for the Gold Coast and the Southern Hemispheres largest Strata Titled Building, Front Office Manager for Sea World Resort & managing a FIFO property portfolio of over 5,000 rooms!

What were your struggles when working in the Hotels/Resorts?

L: The strange and long hours, plus the challenges to meet some guest expectations. However, the opportunity to travel and meet many people from all walks of life and around the world definitely outweighed these.

F: There are many hurdles to overcome along your journey in this industry, however, if you have a passion for it and can see the bigger picture you will be well set to overcome anything that may come your way!

What do you love most about our onboarding program?

L:  Being there on hand to offer assistance and guide our clients as it can be overwhelming taking on a new business.

F: Being able to anticipate my client’s needs!

How do you see the onboarding team and program helping new clients?

L: Making contact with our clients we can address their questions and concerns, walking them through the processes and customizing our clients’ needs.

F: We understand what our clients require, their expectations and how best to assure them that my team are here to guide them through the whole process. My Motto is – Never a Problem always a Solution

What are some of the things the onboarding team do on a daily?

L: Make contact with our new clients to offer them support, everything from management changeovers to the set up of HiRUM & HiSITE.

F: Support my Team – if I take care of them, they will take care of you!

Why do you think our onboarding program is unlike others?

L: Our onboarding program not only offers assurance but we are here to educate and equip our clients to feel confident using our software.

F: We perform miracles – No other company offers what our team does! HiRUM is all about our clients – and that’s you!


HiRUM’s customer support really is second to none! As well as the ability to contact our local team directly, we have an e-learning centre to enable you to work through the most frequently asked questions.



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