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Team Spotlight: Our Support Specialists – Meet Your Product Experts!

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 07/06/2018
Our Support Specialists

Back (left to right): Shirley, Makaila, Rebecca, Sarah, Lucinda, Robin
Front (left to right): Liz, Simmone, Lauren

It’s time to meet your product experts!

With years of industry experience, our friendly support specialists understand your business, and can help you get the most from both your HiRUM & HiSITE Channel Manager. Whatever you need help with, they are always ready to assist.

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest team member – Simmone Campbell. Simmone has been with us only two weeks and is digging deep in the world of support. She is very excited to put her knowledge and customer service skills to the test, and comes with a wealth of knowledge in the hotel/resort industry. Listen out for her, we are sure you will love her!

So you can put faces to voices and learn a little more about those in our team who you speak with, we asked each of our support specialists, three simple questions. See their responses below.

These answers may prove to be interesting topics of conversation next time you talk.


How long you have been working for HiRUM?

Lucinda Parish – 12 years

Shirley Webber – 8 years

Sarah Taggart – 4 years

Liz Coglan – 7 years

Rebecca McCarthy – 3 years

Lauren Hughes – 3 years

Christina Layug – 2 years

Makaila Kenny – Under 1 year

Robin Kerslake – Under 1 year

Simmone Campbell – Brand New


What is your #1 tip for HiRUM clients?

Lucinda Parish – If you make a change on a booking and you are not sure what you have done, simply click on the ‘Change’ button again and then go to the log file. That will show you any changes made to the booking in question.

Shirley Webber – For HiSITE my #1 tip is to maximise your occupancy as much as possible. Keep your prices competitive with your neighboring properties to optimize booking opportunities and achieve the best possible price for your owners. Intuitive Pricing is able to help you sell your rooms for the optimum price.

Sarah Taggart – Back up every single day to an external source and UNPLUG it once it has finished. A computer virus can’t attack your back up if it is unplugged.

Liz Coglan – The ‘ESC’ key is your best mate if you accidentally make a change in HiRUM but haven’t saved it yet, as this will escape from that screen, undoing any mistakes.

Rebecca McCarthy – Be sure to print all your reports and unit statements and keep on file, should you ever need to refer back to the original.

Lauren Hughes – When doing your end of month balancing make sure that you cross check the middle section of your 3 way ‘Less Payments Issued’, Owner Manager & Third Parties against the Totals of these on the Monthly Summary. This can be found on the page just before ‘Summary of Breakdown of Managers Income’. This will ensure everybody is paid the correct amount and keeps your accountants happy.

Christina Layug – When you feel like you are messing up, relax, the HiRUM team will be there to catch you!

Makaila Kenny – When logging your support request in service desk, please complete as much information as you can. This will help the support team to resolve any issues or answer any questions you may have more effectively.

Robin Kerslake – Don’t open any attachments or click on any links in emails you do not trust or that you think might be dodgy, it usually is!

Simone Campbell – Always remember to do a daily reconciliation to ensure you balance. This will make your life so much easier when it comes to End Of Month (EOM).


Tell us something that may surprise us about you.

Lucinda Parish – I love attending music concerts and festivals. Bluesfest at Byron is one of my favourite festivals.

Sarah Taggart – I have Randiaphobia – a morbid and irrational fear of frogs! When I think about it though animals & I don’t really mix, full stop. I’ve been bitten by a kangaroo, chased by geese, cows and bush turkeys and even stalked by cats…the list is endless. I’m not the biggest fan of animals as a result and I know they are not a fan of me either!

Shirley Webber – After living and working on 4 different continents over the years with our small family we believe we discovered paradise when we moved here to the Gold Coast, 14 years ago.

Liz Coglan – I love Hulanesian dancing! I have been doing this for 5 years now and do classes twice a week.

Rebecca McCarthy – I love shoes and could definitely give Emelda Marcos a run for her money.

Lauren Hughes – I love and am very passionate about dancing, especially Latin style dance. Oh, and I have to have a piece of chocolate every day! Lol

Christina Layug – I am very fond of photography especially when I am traveling, and would secretly love to be a model!

Makaila Kenny – I have enrolled to learn sign language. Many family and friends I know have hearing impairments and this will help me converse more readily.

Robin Kerslake – I am a complete book and movie buff, with a collection of over 1500 books, mainly sci-fi-based and 1300+ movies. My most favorite movies of all time include: Notting Hill, Aliens (all 6 of them), Four Weddings and a Funeral, Predator and all of the Marvel & DC movies.

Simone Campbell – My family and I enjoy dirt bike riding in our spare time and go out often together. Even my 4 year old can ride!


Thanks for sharing team!


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