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Metasearch by HiRUM: An extension of your website booking engine!

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 19/10/2015

Hotel metasearch: the latest proven way to get results from your online distribution, direct to your property.

Consumers are time poor and frustrated by how long it takes them to simply book a room on the internet. They no longer want to search dozens of sites online to find different pricing for the same room wherever they go.

Likewise, hoteliers are frustrated by the ever increasing cost of gaining a client, along with how little engagement they now have with that they see as THEIR client prior to arrival.

Hotel METAsearch resolves all of this, allowing the traveller to compare prices against hotel direct pricing, all in one easy location and then book direct with the property.

Hotels gain the advantage of a distribution network that is not an online travel agent. META is simply a service offering an extension of a properties own direct booking engine.  With META the marketing is provided free of charge, with payment only required based on a result.

HiRUM has teamed with the 3 leading META brands that meet our strict criteria of resulting in an expected benefit to your business. All of these providers offer the opportunity of providing direct to property business at a lower cost than traditional OTA’s, allowing you to own the client relationship from the outset whilst saving money in your business.

Learn more about our leading META brands:

All available on the cloud to your business today, offering you the opportunity to capture direct to property bookings without the high cost of SEO, SEM and other forms of marketing.

Click on any of the links above to learn more about each of these new partners and how they can help direct business to your property.

Benefits to your business:

☑ Capture and increase direct-to-property bookings
☑ Marketing is provided free of charge
☑ Own your guest relationship from the very beginning

Take control of your business today!

Email sales@hirum.com.au to take advantage of our 30-day introductory pricing for HiSITE META Manager, or complete the form below:

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  1. Ian Ivers

    What are the costs involved with your proposal of using the META brands. I know that TripConnect, which is a service from TripAdvisor, take 12% to 15% of bookings. This is currently higher than our current OTA’s that we are using.


    Ian Ivers
    Beachside at Magnetic Harbour


    • Melisa Mehic

      Hi Ian, yes you are correct TripAdvisor does take 12 – 15% depending on how many times you want the property to feature. It is our understanding that Hotels Combined and Google Hotel finder is 12%. You take into account the beauty of Metasearch is that it is direct to property, the Metas do not get involved with the reservation at any stage, nor do they collect any money. The guest is booking under your terms and conditions at all times and will communicate directly with you from the outset, providing you with the opportunity to engage with them prior to arrival. Improve your guest experience at an overall lower cost.