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Why your hotel needs a mobile friendly website

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 07/04/2016

In today’s accommodation industry, implementing a mobile-friendly website is essential as the way your guests book online is changing rapidly.

Below, we discuss the top 5 reasons why investing in a mobile-friendly website is a must for your property.

  1. Stay relevant 


The travel and accommodation industry are known in staying up to date with the latest trends. Due to this, most guests are used to a mobile friendly website and expect the same user experience when visiting your website, otherwise you may risk in losing potential guests.

 2. Simple navigation


The integration of a mobile friendly website, allows your website to automatically adjust the size to fit all devices. This gives guests the opportunity to easily navigate around your website making the user experience friendly and enjoyable.

3. Competitive advantage


Keeping guests is a vital key in the accommodation industry, that is why having a competitive advantage is important. Most accommodation providers have integrated a mobile friendly website, however if your website is easier to use on a device as oppose to your competitors’, you already have a competitive advantage as guests are more likely to return to your website.

4. Inexpensive


Converting to a mobile friendly website is simple and inexpensive. Your website designer can easily integrate this without a pricey tag.

5. Improve Google search rankings



Google has recently started to give advantage to mobile friendly websites by identifying and ranking them higher in search results. This will give your property major exposure and a chance to gain new guests.

Lastly, if a mobile friendly website is not invested for your current website, hopefully the reasons that have been discussed above, will give you a clear picture on the importance of providing guests with a responsive website. More and more guests are turning to mobile devices and if you do not integrate your website to mobile friendly, you may be missing out on major opportunities for your property as well as potentially losing guests.

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