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New Year, New Opportunities, New Goals

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 02/01/2014

Realistic, achievable, measurable business goals will help you to set a plan for the future and reach it……Have a think about where your business is now, and where you would like it to be next year.

Make sure your books are in order. Work out exactly where your business is. Update your balance sheet, cash flow etc.Take a snap shot of exactly where your business is right now. Make sure its accurate.

Now, review your goals from last year. How has your business performed?  Can you measure the outcomes you have achieved, compared to where you started last year? Do you even remember what goals you set, or has it all been forgotten in the day to day grind of just getting the job done?

Think about where you want to be this time next year. Work through some strategies that you will undertake to help you get there, and set specific goals around when these things will be done.This is your road map for getting to your destination. Clearly document your goals – save a copy and keep it handy and visible. Make sure your staff know what the goals are and what they need to do to help your business achieve them.

Set aside opportunities to measure your performance to your goals.  Schedule them in. Set monthly or quarterly checkpoints to make sure you are on track. If the plan isn’t working, reassess; make changes.  Life isn’t static, circumstances change. Take a detour if you have to, but don’t lose sight of your destination.

Protect your business data. This is a big one!  Make sure you have all of your data backed up.  Hold up to date copies of your business data off site, as well as backed up to your computer or server.  (Cloud backups, USB’s External hard drives are excellent for this).  Your property management software data in particular is vital for your business and you need to ensure that you have access to up to date copies.  Imagine the chaos your business would be in if you suddenly had no access to the data held in your property management system, either through computer failure, or other disaster.

Be social – explore new ways of marketing. If you are not already on board with social media for your business you are in serious danger of missing the boat!  Learn about it, use it, seize every new opportunity you can to market your business

Get started! Let’s see what greatness we can achieve in 2014.


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