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The Next Generation in Property Management Mobile Solutions: Vol. 1

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 08/11/2019
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Anyone who has worked in the Management Rights industry understands all too well that there is seldom enough time to complete all the tasks that come with successfully managing your property. We’ve all come to rely on apps to help us do so many things. So what does the next generation in property management mobile app solutions look like?

We all know the routine. Once you’ve dealt with reservations, you can then get started on guest services, owner liaison, room maintenance, contractor management, grounds and pool maintenance, property inspections, short term and permanent letting, PAPERWORK, marketing, advertising, creating a social media presence, trust accounting, reporting, liaison with body corporate, management of disputes, complaint resolution… and the list goes on! Being a property manager sure can be tiring.

The good news is, we are here to help! HiRUM provides solutions with the busy property manager in mind; solutions that allow you to escape the shackles of your desk, and tackle the multitude of ancillary tasks you have on your agenda. HiRUM is at the forefront of property management mobile app development and has developed a range of Property Management Mobile App Solutions that are able to simplify management of the endless day-to-day tasks. From recording and managing assets, to keeping track of maintenance tasks, to scheduling and overseeing inspections, and even providing a simple and easy way to manage your property’s photos.

This article is the first of a four-part series, and will focus on the features and capabilities of the new HiSITE Image Manager App, which streamlines the process of updating property photos displayed on your booking form and connected channels.


Take for instance, this scenario:

HaRRY is a local multi-property manager who struggles to find the time to complete the daily tasks involved with managing multiple properties. He currently has HiSITE Channel Manager, and hasn’t updated the property photos on his booking forms in quite a while. As there have recently been a few renovations to his rooms at both properties, he needs to allocate time out of his busy schedule to capture and upload new photos of the rooms to his HiSITE Booking Forms.

As he is doing his rounds one morning at one of the properties, he decides to download and set up the HiSITE Image Manager App in order to tackle the photos and update his booking forms. So, he walks to each of the recently updated rooms and quickly snaps some photos with his mobile device, saving them to his photo library. He finishes up the rest of his to-dos there and heads over to his other property to take care of a few things before his lunch meeting at noon. While at his other property, he again visits each of the newly renovated rooms and snaps more photos, adding them to his photo library before heading off to lunch.

He arrives to the lunch meeting a bit early, so he decides to quickly upload the photos he took to his HiSITE Booking Forms using the Image Manager App. Directly from his mobile device, he is able to easily upload the photos to his new app, separating them by property and room type for easy organisation and management. The Image Manager App already includes an automatic resizing tool, so he won’t need to worry about manually resizing each photo. As the app is designed to specifically integrate with HiSITE Channel Manager, each image will be uploaded directly to his HiSITE Booking Forms and supported channels in optimal resolution!

HaRRY can now enjoy his lunch meeting worry-free, knowing the once tedious task of transferring images from his mobile device to computer, resizing, uploading, and managing the photos of his properties on his booking forms can all be completed quickly and simply using the HiSITE Image Manager App.

When HaRRY gets back from his meeting, he is now ready to tackle his next task head on! This is what the next generation property management mobile app looks like, and what property managers can enjoy today – efficient, organised and effective mobile solutions for your property management needs.


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