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Don’t Forget to Update OTA Commission Rates in HiRUM and HiSITE!

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 23/09/2015

Please remember that whenever an OTA changes their commission rate, your HiRUM and HiSITE will need to be updated to reflect the new rate.

Our Support team recommends that the best procedure for this is to set up a new agent, then on the day of the commission increase go into HiSITE and change the agent code that drops into HiRUM to the new one. This means any bookings made through the agent before the increase will reflect the correct commission rate, while new bookings will have the new rate applied.


How to update the agent in HiRUM Front Desk:

Go to the agent icon in the top row  Agents , click on insert, give the agent a code, description, and complete the personal details for the agent. You cannot use the same name as an existing OTA agent, please choose something else, eg Bookingcom2 or WotifVC etc.

Click on commission: If you are not giving the agent commission or if you load net rates then complete as shown below. It is likely this will apply to the new Wotif method of payment as they will retain their commission before pre loading the Virtual Credit Card.


How to update the agent in HiSITE Channel Manager:

This can be done within Property Manager by selecting “Property PMS”:


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