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Out With PAMDA, In With POA

Posted by HiRUM Software Solutions - 21/11/2013

Guess what? To all our Property Management Software users, stay tuned, as change is in the wind.

The new draft bill of the POA (Property Occupations Act) and the Agents Financial Administration Act will eventually supercede the PAMDA legislation, at least so far as it relates to real estate.  It is a draft bill at this stage, and may still be subject to public consultation and possible change, but the likelihood that it will differ substantially is probably unlikely. Frank Higginson of Hynes Legal, has published a very interesting article on Hynes Legal’s website, which details some of the possible changes that the new POA will bring. For management rights, this legislation (in its draft form) removes the requirement to live on site as a condition of holding a resident letting agents licence. Discover the details and read the full article here….

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It has also been drafted to make changes to aspects of the current legislation, particularly letting appointments and their assignability, which currently can only be described as a thorn in the side of resident letting agents. There may also be changes to licensing requirements, which will impact management rights properties.

These changes have come about due to the tireless efforts of Trevor Rawnsley, CEO of ARAMA. Through ARAMA and its various committees and members fighting for the interests of the Management Rights Industry, changes have been made to the legislation.

HiRUM property management software is proud to be a corporate partner, and supporter of ARAMA, and we encourage everyone involved with the management rights industry to get on board as a member of ARAMA. They alone look after the interests of the Management Rights Industry, and they need your support!

If you are not yet a member of ARAMA, and would like to become one, contact sally@hirum.com.au and we will assist you with membership.

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