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Reminder: Please Check Your Property Information in HiSITE

Posted by HiRUM Marketing - 03/11/2015

HiRUM Software Solutions is excited to announce that an exciting new booking channel is now available to HiSITE users: Zbreaks!

Zbreaks have been working closely with HiRUM to set up an automatic Channel Manager connection to our properties. Many HiSITE properties have been automatically listed on Zbreaks, unless you opt out.

To ensure your property is effectively promoted on Zbreaks, please ensure your property’s information in HiSITE is accurate and up-to-date. This include:

Your property’s description will form the teaser text for your Zbreaks listing. Some properties include text here that prompts users to view images above, or complete instructions specific to their own booking form. These may not be relevent on Zbreaks. We suggest using this area to only describe your property to avoid any confusion.

The images uploaded to your HiSITE gallery will also be featured on Zbreaks. Please ensure the images you have selected, particularly the first image which forms your main thumbnail, portray your property in the intended way.


Booking Terms & Conditions
Guests who book at stay at your property through Zbreaks also accept your own Terms & Conditions as entered in HiSITE.



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